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How To Rap For Beginners

Technical details, Exercises & Examples

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Created by Edison Edwords, offered on Udemy

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******Updated July 2020 with Wordplay Basics + The Perfect Punchline Formula********

This course will teach you how to rap with examples and practical step-by-step tutorials.

Get into the technical details fast, no time wasting on “the power of positive thinking”. You’ll get the technical breakdown, and you can get creative with your own style from there.

Go through multiple exercises so you can learn hands-on. That is the best way to get better. To practice. But these exercises and examples will help you practice in the right way.

  • Actionable lessons

  • Multi’s and internal rhymes

  • Punchlines and wordplay

  • Actual exercises and examples

  • Couplets, quatrains, bars and BPM

  • Rhyme schemes

  • Rap structure

  • Works on mobile 100%

  • Free Downloads

  • Rap Voice Training

Freestyle forever

Craft ridiculous flows over any beat

Gain confidence in your voice.. Not just when rapping

Put your message out to the world

Transform others through your story

Get more respect on Youtube or Soundcloud.

Collab with the artists and producers you want to work with

Increase self-confidence

Release stress, tension - writing raps is almost like journaling everyday. Writing the truth down really can help you understand yourself. No joke on this one, this is a real effect after writing consistently.

Become your own version of hip hop by breaking “rules” on purpose. Knowing the fundamentals and technical skills is the first step.

You’ll find conversation easier, words coming to mind quicker, it’s a weird advantage rappers have, and why rappers seem so witty. It’s because we think of words and wordplay and require instant recall in milliseconds.

Who am I? What makes me qualified to teach anyone how to rap?

I put my last 17 years into picking apart rap and hip hop lyrics. This is everything I know.

I write about how to rap, and have published over 25,000 words digging into the technical details of writing good rap lyrics.

Templates, Worksheets, Examples, Exercises, Tutorials, Walkthroughs, and advanced techniques.

It’s dope when you check your songs on Youtube, and people are taking the time to listen and leave a comment.

Dig Deep into the technical details of rap.


Fillable worksheet PDF’s - Step-by-step


Is this worth the money?

100%. The confidence, technical skills and overall transformation will be worth 10x more.

What do I need to get started?

Absolutely nothing. Everything you need is in your own head.

What you will learn

  • How To Rap
  • How To Freestyle Rap
  • How To Rap Fast
  • How To Improve Your Rap Voice
  • Rap Writing Techniques
  • How To Write Good Rap Lyrics
  • Tongue Twisters For Rappers
  • Rap Bars & Structure


  • Nope, you can be a complete beginner!
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  • 2 hours 32 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.9/10

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