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Learning Strategies for Students: Memory, Speed reading, ...

Photographic memory, fast speed reading, ultra strong mindset. In this course we'll learn from leading experts together

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Created by Why Not 3? Work Life balance Platform, offered on Udemy

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--Interview Masterclass with experts--

This course is focused on multiple in-depth interviews with experts that we sought out. It consists of 2 parts:

1. Interviews with leading experts with commonly asked questions by the community

2. QnA where all students get to ask questions to their particular use case

This is not a traditional teacher-sit down dynamic course. Which means that if you want to get the most out of this course, you'll need to ask questions through the portal.


If you are struggling with memory issues, reading speed & lack of focus, then this will definitely be worth your time.

Welcome to the Interview Masterclass hosted by WN3 on Speed Reading, Creating a Photographic Memory and Endurance to improve your learning.

What do we do as WhyNot3?

We create Work-Life balance systems for overachievers and entrepreneurs as seen on TEDx (2 times), Google, and many more. Dive deeper into the detailed step-by-step systems to improve your personal productivity, learning strategies, and focus. Find a way to operate your studies or job while taking control of your focus and avoiding burnout through ultra endurance and facing your fears. 

These systems have helped top-level executives and Ivy league students from burnout, gotten them more productive while maintaining healthy productivity. 

In this course we'll go deeper into 3 areas of learning strategies according to the system here at the Why Not 3 training program: Speed reading, memory and endurance.

For the first time, these secrets are unveiled in detail on this Udemy Masterclass.

Don't miss out!

We'll cover some surprise bonuses that will allow you to explore further balancing exercises from a very general perspective to the detailed day to day productivity areas of your life. As well as some interviews with inspirational people who started from zero and made it to 1 million.

We will lay out the principles we've taught for 8 years now in countries like The Netherlands, USA, Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, France, and many more...

Who are we?

A Training program that is designed to show you how to balance your life, so that you can succeed in balancing your health, wealth, and relationships (and of course make more sales as you go).

The founder of Why Not 3 will be leading this class, as a certified trainer, 2x times TEDx speaker, and founder of a multinational video marketing agency who also works with everyday people on how to build a balanced life so that they don’t end up succumbing to stress.

How it all started…


I was asked to do a spur of the moment workshop on Work-Life-Balance during a conference where I facilitated groups. I put together some notes and tips that have helped me throughout my career as a founder of several companies and a law school student. Drawing from my own experience on handling the stress of Law school, life, and work, I created an inspiring workshop in a matter of minutes, and then – BAM.

People loved it.

(It’s funny how the most spontaneous moments, bring you to your most inspiring ideas.) People loved it because it was authentic. The workshop wasn’t impractical or abstract. My team and I at Why Not 3 use real principles that people can apply to their life to help them reduce stress, while achieving high performance and keep a perfect work-life balance.

But it doesn’t stop there. After seeing the impact upon people at the conference, I decided to take this workshop a step further and began to craft Why Not 3? Work-life balance for Entrepreneurs (the book). What first started as a pamphlet turned into a full-fledged personal development book because of the amazing feedback. I could see how much this message could help people and wanted to take things another step further. So, a superstar team was assembled of people with a different set of skills who could bring the message of work-life-balance to as many people as possible (and the skills make us lethal, just like in the movie “Taken“).

The team is extremely passionate about bringing the knowledge of Why Not 3 to everyone they can. At the end of the day, we want to help people reduce stress and live their life to the absolute fullest. We truly believe you can be happier, healthier, and more satisfied with your life with Why Not 3. In fact, we know you can live the life you want — sometimes you just need a little help to get there. That’s why there’s Why Not 3.


What you will learn

  • Learn to read roughly 2 times faster than you currently read, with above-average comprehension and retention
  • Learn how to memorize more content in a shorter time
  • Learn from 2x Guinness World record holders & World Champions
  • Learn from Ultra-endurance athletes on how to improve your mindset to perform longer under pressure


  • All interviews are in English
  • This course has a QnA section, which means you can ask questions if something in the interview is not clear
  • Someone who wants to improve the speed of their reading
  • Someone who wants to memorize better
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  • 17 hours 5 minutes
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