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Corporate Taxation - Introduction

UK ACCA TX Chapter 6

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ACCA is one of the fastest growing association, of Chartered Accountants of UK. In this course, we are providing one of the subject, (Taxation) of its Second level called as Skill Level. The aim of the syllabus is to develop knowledge and skills relating to the tax system as applicable to individuals, single companies, and groups of companies. The syllabus for Taxation - United Kingdom (TX-UK) introduces candidates to the subject of taxation and provides the core knowledge of the underlying principles and major technical areas of taxation as they affect the activities of individuals and businesses. On successful completion of this exam, candidates should be able to:

A. Explain the operation and scope of the tax system and the obligations of tax payers and/or their agents and the implications of non-compliance

B. Explain and compute the income tax liabilities of individuals and the effect of national insurance contributions (NIC) on employees, employers and the self-employed

C. Explain and compute the chargeable gains arising on individuals

D. Explain and compute the inheritance tax liabilities of individuals

E. Explain and compute the corporation tax liabilities of individual companies and groups of companies

F. Explain and compute the effects of value added tax on incorporated and unincorporated businesses

G. Demonstrate employability and technology skills

What you will learn

  • Students who wish to study UK Tax System
  • Students who wish to study TX subject of ACCA
  • Students who wish to study Taxation subject of ACCA


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There are most likely better courses available for this topic.