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Sports Psychology MasterClass Part 2 by Psico.Sportiva

Learn about the sports psychology areas and how to apply them

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2 students2 hours 32 minutes

Created by Leonardo Gumucio, offered on Udemy

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This second part of the MasterClass by Psico.Sportiva is destined to share knowledge about the different aspects that compose this science. You will be able to learn about the authors and theories to have a better understanding of the fundamentals.

Once you are able to own this type of information you will possess a broader perspective of all the benefits you can extract and apply to your sports. Being aware of everything the sport environment has to offer in order to take control of the aspects that are involved.

By means of these new skills you will learn, your notion of how to structure your training will help you to develop the correct habits that you can apply directly to the instances of competition to enjoy groundbreaking experiences that will continue to contribute to your formation and development.

You will be enabled to understand the aspects and insights on how to properly enhance your motivation using all the possible variables contained within. Your commitment with your sport will be solidified. The coping strategies that you will be able to use will be at your disposition and available to whatever kind of scenario you face.

The attention and concentration part of your sport will have a more complex perspective for you to be able to filter only the relevant stimuli you need to focus on. Your understanding on anxiety and stress subjects will be broader and more capable to use such effects to your benefit and control the energy surrounding them.

What you will learn

  • The components of sports psychology and how to apply them in their sports
  • Breakdown of the main pillars and component areas in sports psychology.
  • Theories and authors that explain all the factors of sports psychology
  • Tools and knowledge that will serve as a benchmark


  • Having a resounding passion for sport and how to benefit from the experience while enjoying
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  • Language: English
  • 2 hours 32 minutes
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bestcourses score: 4.7/10

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