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Learn Amazing Freestyle Football Skills

Learn 31 Football Freestyle and Dribbling Skills

4 / 5.0
23 students 33 minutes

Created by Jason Lee, offered on Udemy

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  • The course is designed for students who are starting from scratch as well as students with a good foundation and want to sharpen their individual skills

  • 31 football skills will be broken down into simple steps with common mistakes to be avoided

  • The content is arranged in ascending order of difficulty starting from the most basic to even harder ones

  • The course consist of football dribbling moves where students would use it to ace their opponent in a football match and freestyle football skills that enhance their football gameplay to the next level.

  • Students will have the opportunity to enhance their confidence in their football match and develop a creative style in their football gameplay.

  • These freestyle football skills will provide many opportunties for student to perform on a global stage, giving them the exposure and recognition which may help them develop a career out of their passion.

  • This course would be followed up with intermediate level and advanced level. So stay tuned!!!

  • The course contains as below:

    1. Neckstall

    2. Footstall

    3. Drag

    4. Step roll push

    5. Body feint

    6. Knee catch

    7. Helicopter flick

    8. Zidane Spin /Roulette

    9. Ronaldo Chop

    10. Flair Pass

    11. Reverse Drag

    12. V Push

    13. Toe Flick

    14. Stepover

    15. Knee Bounce

    16. Cryuff Turn

    17. Finger Spin

    18. Shoulder Stall

    19. Thighstall

    20. Slip Panna

    21. Slap

    22. Juggle

    23. Backroll

    24. Basic Akka

    25. Ronaldinho Flick Up

    26. Ronaldinho Thigh Flick

    27. Reverse Stepover

    28. Neymar Rainbow Flick

    29. Popcorn Flick

    30. Neymar Pancake

    31. Around The World

  • All that is required for students is a football

What you will learn

  • Students will be able to perform high level freestyle football and dribbling skills
  • Tutorial video will be given
  • Tricks will be explained step by step
  • Homework and tasks will be give to access progression
  • Follow up consultation with students


  • Passion to learn football skills
  • A football
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  • Price: $49.99
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 33 minutes
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bestcourses score: 2.9/10

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