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How to Become an Automation QA SW Tester

Your path to become an Automation QA Tester in Selenium, Appium, API, Performance, Front and Back End with Java, Python

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Created by Alik Feld, offered on Udemy

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Hi there and Welcome!

It’s not a secret that Automaton testing has a higher priority than the manual in today's IT field. Most companies are looking for experts in that field. And the request for Automation Testers grows every day.

How to Become an Automation QA SW Tester course is created for the QA Manual testers and any IT professionals who want to switch their career to Automation SW Testing. If you are in a state where you don't know where to start and what area of Automation testing to focus on, my course will help you to receive the answers to the next:

  • How to start?

  • What to learn?

  • In what areas of Automation testing to focus?

If you struggle with the same unclear information and have the desire to switch your professional career, join my course today to discover further.

Don't waste your time. I am going to share with you my personal experience while providing helpful tips and the way to start.

+++++ ++++   See what other students who completed this course have to say : +++++++++++++++

Carl S.

"You really helped me map out and confirm the path I had started. Thanks so much!!!"

Yoselinne C.

"I am a student with zero knowledge of testing and the world of programming languages, with this course I feel now that I know where to start very usefully! thanks!"

Mario D.

"Once you complete it you'll be able to make a decision about what you need to learn next. And maybe to set a decent plan for your learning activities."


"I liked the way the different instruments are presented. What is used and where. Well done"


*************** To be clear *************

You are not going to become an Automation QA Tester right after completing the current course. However, you will receive the required knowledge and skills for the way to begin your successful career as an Automation QA Tester.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Automation QA Testing field
  • Concepts of modern Automation QA Testing
  • The right path in switching your current career to QA Automation
  • Step by step instructions for the desired new career


  • To have the basic understanding of the QA Manual testing principles, but not required
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