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Level 0 - Introduction to Intelligent Automation (for Noobs)

Learn essential tips and insight about RPA, Process Automation & Intelligent Automation tech coming into your workplace

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Created by Tony IA, offered on Udemy

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New career? Get promoted? Become a Pro? Accelerate your project/program? Whether you're an Analyst, Project Manager, Business leader, or just a curious office worker, my mission is to empower YOU to know how to use automation to optimize your business, discover new technologies, and get more involved in this space.

Perhaps you want a job change/big jump in salary/future proof. The BIG question is “how do I get started?”

In the video, I reveal; Different roles to start in, what interviewers look for and the skills you need, what tech training to boost CV, what additional things you can take to your interview to completely blow them away!

Once you understand the basics of an RPA (Robotic process automation) 'Bot', what a bot looks like, and how a bot is built, you can start applying for entry-level roles in RPA/automation.

But to speed up securing a job I’ll share with you some interview questions and good responses?

Learn about the hottest new technology Intelligent Automation and Robotic Process Automation.

Learn about what it is, how to get involved, and how to start automating:

  • WHAT IS A BOT? Aka ROBOT, Digital Worker, Automated Process, RPA

  • 5 things you NEED TO KNOW about RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

  • What is IA (intelligent automation) and how will it IMPACT MY WORK-LIFE?

  • Are you an EARLY ADOPTER? ...or LAST TO FIND OUT about intelligent automation tech?

  • AUTOMATION 3D: Scan for RPA opportunities/use cases in seconds!

  • How to start AN AUTOMATION CAREER- hot new tech

  • Automate this NOT THAT! 8 ways to spot things to automate

  • 4 AI TECH IMPACTING YOUR JOB, use it to your benefit!

  • Does your CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCK? Give a better Customer Experience than your competitors with months

What you will learn

  • 5 things you NEED to know about RPA (Robotic process automation)
  • What is IA (intelligent automation) and how will it effect your worklife
  • Are you an EARLY ADOPTER or LAST TO FIND OUT about new tech?
  • Automation 3D - find opportunities in your business/team to automate now!
  • Automation this NOT THAT! 8 ways to spot best things to automate
  • Does your CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCK? Give better customer experience today


  • A keenness for learning about automation
  • Interested in getting promotion? Higher salary? New job? get more involved in automation
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