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Requirements Engineering: Software Engineering

Everything you need to know about software requirements: elicitation, analysis, documentation, validation and management

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Created by Maged Koshty, offered on Udemy

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"Requirements Engineering" Is the first course in our "Software Engineering" series.

If you are involved in software projects, especially large ones, you know that dealing with software requirements is the biggest problem the software practitioner faces almost at every project.

Not working effectively with software requirements could be the number one reason for many software projects' failures.

The course will discuss concepts for systematically establishing, defining, and managing the requirements for large, complex, changing, and software-intensive systems from technical, organizational, and management perspectives.

The course will consider the past, present, and future paradigms and methodologies in requirements engineering.

The course will cover informal, semi-formal, and formal approaches while balancing theory and practice.

The course will involve building models of both requirements engineering process and requirements engineering product, concerning both functional and non-functional goals/requirements/specifications, using a systematic decision-making process.

This course will help you manage the requirements aspect of software projects with different domains, sizes, technologies, platforms, and different practitioners' and customers' experiences. We need to acquire a set of tools, techniques, and best practices and learn when to use them to handle software requirements effectively and efficiently.

In this course, You will learn various techniques to capture requirements, analyze and validate requirements, control and manage requirements change requests, and deliver a solid requirements document.

You will understand the requirements analysts' role in a software project, which will help you know what you need from them and what they need from you.

The course is based on the (Software Engineering Book of Knowledge (the SWEBOK) from IEEE. So this course can also help you pass various software engineering exams provided by IEEE. I will teach you everything you need to know, and I will answer any of your questions 24 x 7.

What you will learn

  • Understand the need for requirements for software systems.
  • Learn different types of requirements: functional, non-functional, system and process requirements
  • Understand the requirements engineering processes.
  • Learn different techniques to derived and elicit requirements
  • Discuss requirements analyses and conceptual modeling
  • Explain how requirements are classified
  • Explain various techniques to document the requirements
  • Overview software requirements verification and validation
  • Provide an overview of requirements change management


  • - Basic Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycles
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  • 4 hours 40 minutes
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