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Blockchain Programming with Hyperledger Composer and Fabric

Learn blockchain programming using Hyperledger Fabric and Composer. Develop a Supply Chain application with Hyperledger.

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Created by We2Blocks - Blockchain, offered on Udemy

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Learn from the industry experts!

Learn how to use Hyperledger Composer with Hyperledger Fabric in order to create extensive applications in the simplest terms.

Welcome to the Blockchain Development with Hyperledger Composer Course. Hyperledger Composer consists of a set of collaboration tools that help in the development of the Blockchain business networks. Hyperledger Composer is an application development framework that helps us to simplify the creation of Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain applications. This course has been designed in such a way that you will get a thorough understanding of how the build Blockchain applications and deploy over the Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain. This is a very specific course which explains how to use Hyperledger Composer for developing Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain applications with the help on a Capstone Project.

This is a Developer's course, this course is created in order to give a clear understanding of how to create Blockchain applications using Hyperledger Composer.

In 2018, the rise in jobs in the Blockchain sector has been 7000%. For every 14 jobs in the USA, there is only 1 person who is available to take up a job in Blockchain Technology. Hyperledger Fabric is a solution that is at the top of the curve for governments and enterprises. Industries like Walmart, McDonald's, Nestle, Dole, etc. have already implemented Hyperledger Fabric and many more are seeking the help of Hyperledger Platform to solve their problems and get an efficient solution.

What you will get with this course:

In order to make this course more interactive, we have provided various quizzes as a part of the modules. You will get more clarity and will be able to master all the important topics related to the usage of Hyperledger Composer and the key concepts of Hyperledger Fabric.

What we cover in this course:

  • Overview of different projects under the Hyperledger Umbrella

  • Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric

  • Key Functionalities offered by Hyperledger Fabric

  • Key Concepts of Hyperledger Fabric

  • Transaction Flow

  • Introduction to Hyperledger Composer

  • Working model for Hyperledger Composer

  • Hyperledger Composer Architecture

  • Learning to build Business Networks using a Capstone Project

  • Working with Hyperledger Composer Playground

  • Setting up Hyperledger Fabric Development Environment

  • Learning to work with Modelling Language

  • Creating Transaction Processor Functions

  • Learning to work with Access Control Language

  • Creating Queries using Bespoke Query Language

  • Deploying Blockchain Applications over Hyperledger Fabric

  • Hyperledger API and Command Line Tools

Bonus material we provide:

  • You will learn to run REST servers for generating APIs for Business Networks.

  • You will learn to create/generate Angular 4 applications over Business Networks.

We2Blocks is a Blockchain Consultation and Training Company having a global presence. With this course, we aim to promote Blockchain and create an environment for people interested in Blockchain to learn and expand their knowledge.

What you will learn

  • You will have a strong understanding about how to develop Hyperledger Composer Applications
  • You will have a strong understanding on how to deploy Smart Contracts on Hyperledger Fabric
  • You will learn how to use Hyperledger IDEs and work with Hyperledger Composer Playground
  • You will learn how to deploy applications over Hyperledger Fabric development servers.


  • Prior experience with any programming language is preferred. This course is specifically a Developer's course.
  • Anyone who wishes to learn development with Hyperledger Composer over Hyperledger Fabric or has a passion to learn about Blockchain programming is welcome to take up this course.
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