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Design Patterns in Python (2nd Edition)

Implement and Learn All 23 GoF (Gang of Four) Design Patterns In Python.

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Created by Sean Bradley, offered on Udemy

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Learn All of the 23 GoF (Gang of Four) Design Patterns and Implemented them in Python.

Design Patterns are descriptions or templates that can be repeatedly applied to commonly recurring problems during in software design.

A familiarity of Design Patterns is very useful when planning, discussing, managing and documenting your applications from now and into the future.

Also, throughout the course, as each design pattern is discussed and demonstrated using example code, I introduce new Python coding concepts along with each new design pattern. So that as you progress through the course and try out the examples, you will also get experience and familiarity with some of the finer details of the Python programming language.

In this course, you will learn about these 23 Design Patterns, 

  • Creational

    • Factory

    • Abstract Factory

    • Builder

    • Prototype

    • Singleton

  • Structural

    • Decorator

    • Adapter

    • Facade

    • Bridge

    • Composite

    • Flyweight

    • Proxy

  • Behavioral

    • Command

    • Chain of Responsibility

    • Observer Pattern

    • Interpreter

    • Iterator

    • Mediator

    • Memento

    • State

    • Strategy

    • Template

    • Visitor

In the list of patterns above, there are Creational, Structural and Behavioral patterns.

  • Creational : Abstracts the instantiation process so that there is a logical separation between how objects are composed and finally represented.

  • Structural : Focuses more on how classes and objects are composed using the different structural techniques, and to form structures with more or altered flexibility.

  • Behavioral : Are concerned with the inner algorithms, process flow, the assignment of responsibilities and the intercommunication between objects.

Design patterns will give you a useful and common vocabulary for when designing, documenting, analyzing, restructuring new and existing software development projects from now and into the future.

I look forward to having you take part in my course.

Sean Bradley

What you will learn

  • Design Patterns in Python
  • Learn All 23 GoF Design Patterns
  • Creational Patterns : Factory, Abstract Factory, Builder, Prototype, Singleton
  • Structural Patterns : Decorator, Adapter, Facade, Bridge, Composite, Flyweight, Proxy
  • Behavioral Patterns : Command, Chain of Responsibility, Observer, Interpreter, Iterator, Mediator, Memento, State, Strategy, Template, Visitor
  • Learn Many Python Concepts : ABCMeta, Exception Handling, Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples, Sets, id, Dunder Attributes and Methods, Time, Decimal, *Args and more.
  • Learn Quality Software Design Standards using Pep8, Pylint and MyPy
  • UML Diagramming : Inherits, Implements, Composition, Aggregates, Association
  • Learn Each Pattern from Conceptual and Use Case Points of View
  • Develop Your Software Engineering Vocabulary


  • An OS such as Windows 10, Mac OSX or Linux
  • An IDE such as VSCode, PyCharm Community, Vim, Notepad or Just the command line.
  • A Desire to Understand the 23 Gof Design Patterns
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