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Coding Interview Essentials: Data Structures & Algorithms

The essential guide to getting a programming job. Learn how to get more interviews and land the offer!

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318 students5 hours 19 minutes

Created by Ibrahim Irfan, offered on Udemy

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Do you find yourself struggling to get interviews or solve coding interview problems? Want a job at the top tech companies in the world? You've come to the right place!

Turns out, you don't need to prepare for months and months. This course will teach you the absolute essentials for getting and acing the coding interview.

Unlike most courses, this course will be entirely practical. Learn from someone who has worked at top tech companies including Google and Facebook, and given dozens of interviews for all types of companies. No computer science degree needed!

You'll learn:

Part 1) Getting more Interviews:

  • How to set your resume up for success, including a 1:1 resume critique and access to a proven resume template

  • How to best apply to companies

  • How to optimize your LinkedIn, GitHub, and personal portfolio

  • What the best side projects are

Part 2) Passing the interview:

  • Big O Notation

  • How to Interview

  • Arrays (sorting and searching)

  • Strings

  • Linked Lists

  • Stacks and Queues

  • Hash Tables / Hash Sets

  • Graphs (trees, heaps, traversals, and more)

  • Dynamic Programming (greedy and memoization)

  • Math, Bitwise, and Design Questions

  • Non-Technical Interview Questions

Part 3) Extras

  • First-hand insights into interviews at:

    • Google

    • Facebook

    • Apple

    • Bloomberg

    • Stripe

  • Remote Interview Tips

  • Onsite Interview Tips

  • Imposter Syndrome

Not only that, you'll get 20+ in-depth solutions to common interview questions. You'll learn the fundamental techniques and problem solving process, so you can apply it to any interview question you come up against.

Note: I use Python for the coding problems, but you don't need Python knowledge! The ideas translate to any programming language of your choice.

As the instructor, I designed this course as "everything I wish I knew when I started". I look forward to helping you with your next job search!

What you will learn

  • Perfect your resume to land more interviews
  • Build your knowledge on fundamental data structures and algorithms
  • Learn common techniques to ace your coding interviews
  • In depth solutions to over 20 essential interview problems
  • First-hand looks at the interview process of Google, Facebook, Apple, and more


  • Basic programming knowledge (functions, variables, etc)
  • No data structures or algorithms experience required
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  • Language: English
  • 5 hours 19 minutes
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