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Selenium | C# - Beginners crash course

Quickly upskilling you to produce powerful test suites

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5 students1 hours 11 minutes

Created by Jordan Mace, offered on Udemy

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Selenium is one of the most widely used UI automation tools. Primarily used for UI testing, Selenium is an extremely powerful tool allowing cross-browser testing of web applications.

In this course you will be building a test suite from the ground up. Creating tests against a React web app designed to imitate a production site.

Learn how to set up a Selenium WebDriver

The Selenium WebDriver is one of the most powerful UI testing tools available today. Learn how to configure a WebDriver for optimum performance.

Learn to represent web pages using the PageObject model

The PageObject model is the most commonly used development pattern when building tests, especially in C#. Learn not only what the pageobject model is but how to implement it in both a classroom scenario as well as in your own projects.

Learn some tricks used to reduce the time it takes to identify elements on pages

When developing a test suite in C# with Selenium it is quite easy to take the wrong approach, trading off performance for rapidly developing a solution. Learn how to balance out the performance of your tests with a few simple changes.

Overcome common issues such as Selenium 'searching too fast' due to loading screens

A very common problem seen by test engineers is taking actions too quickly on a given page, causing Selenium to be unable to find a particular element or text. This results in test failures that are often very difficult to diagnose and resolve. Learn how to avoid those problems very easily.

Learn how to run the Selenium tests in parallel

Running automated tests in parallel is a very easy way to rapidly reduce the amount of time a test suite takes. I have personally seen reductions of between 50 - 75% of execution time removed simply by implementing parallel execution. Tests need to be structured in a particular way to ensure they can be run in parallel without failures, we will cover that in this course.

What you will learn

  • Using NUnit to construct test cases
  • Writing Selenium code to interact with the web browser
  • Identifying elements using Selectors
  • The PageObject model
  • Resolving most common Selenium related errors
  • Running your tests in parallel for the best possible performance


  • Basic to intermediate C# knowledge
  • Visual Studio
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  • 1 hours 11 minutes
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