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Learn Image Processing like Engineers do ! | Online Course

Discover, Build and Launch ! .Digital image processing complete course for absolute beginners-(Theory,Apps & Projects).

2.9 / 5.0
346 students8 hours 19 minutes

Created by Mohamed Elatoubi, offered on Udemy

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Digital images are everywhere these days – in thousands of scientific (e.g., astronomical, bio-medical), consumer, industrial, and artistic applications. Moreover they come in a wide range of the electromagnetic spectrum - from visible light and infrared to gamma rays and beyond. The ability to process image signals is therefore an incredibly important skill to master for engineering/science students, software developers, and practicing scientists. 

Image processing is the analysis and manipulation of a digitized image using mathematical modeling in oder to improve its quality . In the last few years, there has been a revolution in the image processing field especially when A.I was involved giving birth to a lot of new startups that will shape our near future ! .Some billion dollars companies are already doing so like Snapchat and other sillicon valley startups... .

This course will cover the fundamentals of image and video processing. We will provide a mathematical framework to describe and analyze images and videos as two-dimensional signals in the spatial and frequency domains. 

In this class not only will you learn the theory behind fundamental processing tasks including image enhancement, filtering, and image compression - but you will also learn how to perform these key processing tasks in practice using state-of-the-art techniques and tools.Like the image processing toolbox provided by MATLAB.

We have found that working on projects and solving problem sets is the most effective method to learn image processing. The theory (barring advanced topics) is basically discrete math; it can be looked up easily on the Internet. Intuition and mental visualization of algorithms are very important, and they come only through experience and that is exactly what we are offering you through our learning system !.

All lectures are equipped with manually generated & high quality closed captions in English and new languages are going to be added soon to help you learn with your native language !

if you are a beginner in the image processing field ,this is your chance to get the necessary concepts in this business.We will be using the MATLAB software in order to complete all of our projects and applications but you don't have to worry because we have a solution for the software inside the course .

What you will learn

  • Digital image processing
  • Understand how some softwares and apps work !
  • Necessary knowledge to build and sell DIP softwares or plugins
  • Bring your ideas to life training through our projects
  • Use this knowledge and launch your own startup !


  • Basic mathematics
  • MATLAB software (If you don't own Matlab ,there is a FREE solution !!! )
  • Familiar with Matlab programming (Optional !)
  • Multivariable calculus (preferable !)
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  • Language: English
  • 8 hours 19 minutes
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bestcourses score: 3.0/10

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