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AWS EKS Kubernetes-Masterclass | DevOps, Microservices

Docker, EBS, RDS, CLB, NLB, ALB, Fargate, ECR, CloudWatch, Route53, Certificate Manager, X-Ray, Ingress, Autoscaling,SNS

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Created by Kalyan Reddy Daida | DevOps & SRE Architect on AWS, Azure & Google Cloud Platforms, offered on Udemy

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******* Course Overview *******

Welcome to this Amazing course on AWS EKS Kubernetes - Masterclass | DevOps, Microservices.  Below is the list of modules covered in this course.

Course Modules

  1. Create AWS EKS Cluster using eksctl CLI

  2. Docker Fundamentals

  3. Kubernetes Fundamentals (Pods, ReplicaSets, Deployments & Services)

  4. EKS Storage with AWS EBS CSI Driver

  5. Kubernetes Important Concepts for Application Deployments

  6. Kubernetes - Secrets

  7. Kubernetes - Init Containers

  8. Kubernetes - Liveness & Readiness Probes

  9. Kubernetes - Requests & Limits

  10. Kubernetes - Namespaces, Limit Range and Resource Quota

  11. EKS Storage with AWS RDS MySQL Database

  12. Load Balancing using CLB & NLB

  13. Load Balancing using CLB - AWS Classic Load Balancer

  14. Load Balancing using NLB - AWS Network Load Balancer

  15. Load Balancing using ALB - AWS Application Load Balancer

  16. ALB Ingress Controller - Install

  17. ALB Ingress - Basics

  18. ALB Ingress - Context path-based routing

  19. ALB Ingress - SSL

  20. ALB Ingress - SSL Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

  21. ALB Ingress - External DNS

  22. Deploy Kubernetes workloads on AWS Fargate Serverless

  23. AWS Fargate Profiles - Basic

  24. AWS Fargate Profiles - Advanced using YAML

  25. Build and Push Container to AWS ECR and use that in EKS

  26. DevOps with AWS Developer Tools CodeCommit, CodeBuild and CodePipeline

  27. Microservices Deployment on EKS - Service Discovery

  28. Microservices Distributed Tracing using AWS X-Ray

  29. Microservices Canary Deployments

  30. EKS HPA - Horizontal Pod Autosaler

  31. EKS VPA - Vertical Pod Autosaler

  32. EKS CA - Cluster Autosaler

  33. EKS Monitoring using CloudWatch Agent & Fluentd - Container Insights

AWS Services Covered

  1. AWS EKS - Elastic Kubernetes Service

  2. AWS EBS - Elastic Block Store

  3. AWS RDS - Relational Database Service MySQL

  4. AWS CLB - Classic Load Balancer

  5. AWS NLB - Network Load Balancer

  6. AWS ALB - Application Load Balancer

  7. AWS Fargate - Serverless

  8. AWS ECR - Elastic Container Registry

  9. AWS Developer Tool - CodeCommit

  10. AWS Developer Tool - CodeBuild

  11. AWS Developer Tool - CodePipeline

  12. AWS X-Ray

  13. AWS CloudWatch - Container Insights

  14. AWS CloudWatch - Log Groups & Log Insights

  15. AWS CloudWatch - Alarms

  16. AWS Route53

  17. AWS Certificate Manager

  18. EKS CLI - eksctl

  19. AWS SNS - Simple Notification Service

Kubernetes Concepts Covered

  1. Kubernetes Architecture

  2. Pods

  3. ReplicaSets

  4. Deployments

  5. Services - Node Port Service

  6. Services - Cluster IP Service

  7. Services - External Name Service

  8. Services - Load Balancers

  9. Services - Ingress Service

  10. Services - Ingress SSL & SSL Redirect

  11. Services - Ingress & External DNS

  12. Imperative - with kubectl

  13. Declarative - Declarative with YAML

  14. Secrets

  15. Init Containers

  16. Liveness & Readiness Probes

  17. Requests & Limits

  18. Namespaces - Imperative

  19. Namespaces - Limit Range

  20. Namespaces - Resource Quota

  21. Storage Classes

  22. Persistent Volumes

  23. Persistent Volume Claims

  24. Annotations

  25. Canary Deployments

  26. HPA - Horizontal Pod Autoscaler

  27. VPA - Vertical Pod Autoscaler

  28. CA - Cluster Autoscaler

  29. DaemonSets

  30. DaemonSets - Fluentd for logs

  31. Config Maps

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What you will learn

  • You will write kubernetes manifests with confidence after going through live template writing sections
  • You will learn 30+ kubernetes concepts and use 18 AWS Services in combination with EKS
  • You will learn Kubernetes Fundamentals in both imperative and declarative approaches
  • You will learn writing & deploying k8s manifests for storage concepts like storage class, persistent volume claim pvc, mysql and EBS CSI Driver
  • You will learn to switch from native EBS Storage to RDS Database using k8s external name service
  • You will learn writing and deploying load balancer k8s manifests for Classic and Network load balancers
  • You will learn writing ingress k8s manifests by enabling features like context path based routing, SSL, SSL Redirect and External DNS.
  • You will learn writing k8s manifests for advanced fargate profiles and do mixed mode workload deployments in both EC2 and Fargate Serverless
  • You will learn using ECR - Elastic Container Registry in combination with EKS.
  • You will implement DevOps concepts with AWS Code Services like CodeCommit, CodeBuild and CodePipeline
  • You will implement microservices core cocepts like Service Discovery, Distributed Tracing using X-Ray and Canary Deployments
  • You will learn to enable Autoscaling features like HPA,VPA and Cluster Autoscaler
  • You will learn to enable monitoring and logging for EKS cluster and workloads in cluster using CloudWatch Container Insights
  • You will learn Docker fundamentals by implementing usecases like download image from Docker Hub and run on local desktop and build an image locally, test and push to Docker Hub.
  • You will slowly start by learning Docker Fundamentals and move on to Kubenetes.
  • You will master many kubectl commands over the process


  • You must have an AWS account to follow with me for hands-on activities.
  • You dont need to have any basic Docker or kubernetes knowledge to start this course.
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