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LTE Full system Details for Arabic speaker

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67 students9 hours 2 minutes

Created by Mohamed Salama, offered on Udemy

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كورس الجيل الرابع لأساسيات الموبيل تكنولوجى هو من اهم الكورسات المطلوبه لسوق العمل , هتعرف فى بالتفصيل كل ما يتعلق بالشبكه بشكل عام والرديو بشكل خاص (تابع محتوى الكورس )

الكورس مهم لمشاريع التخرج الخاصه بالجيل الرابع وهو المدخل الاساسى لكل المهتمين بالجيل الخامس .

الكورس بياهلك للمستوى المتقدم من كورس الاوبتميزيشين للجيل الرابع .

الكورس يتطلب معرفتك بأساسيات الجيل التانى ويفضل الجيل الثالث.

الكورس للمتحدثين باللغه العربيه فقط .

مرفق مع كل جزء الباوربوينت الخاصه به مع مرجع كامل لاساسيات تكنولوجى الجيل الرابع  .

: محتوى الكورس (تأكيد الكورس للمتحدثين باللغه العربيه )

. LTE Key Features

. LTE Network Architecture

. LTE Access Technique ( OFDM & SC-FDMA )

. LTE Frame Structure

. LTE Resource Management

. LTE throughput Calculation

. Tracking Area

. LTE Control Channel Details

. Handover


. Drive Test parameters

. Roaming Scenario

. LTE Voice Options

. Carrier Aggregation

. Main Field Problem Analysis

. Test Exam

Who this course is for :

  • - Telecom Engineers.

    - RF Drive Test Engineers

    - beginners in learning Mobile technology

    - Telecom Research engineers

    - Electronics & Communication Engineers

    - 4G faculty project

    - preparation for Telecom Field interview.

    - preparation to the advanced level(4G RF-Optimization)

introduction in English : 

- 4G LTE course " Basic System"  is one of the most important courses required for the labor market. You will know in detail everything related to the network in general and radio in particular (follows the course content)

- The course is important for the graduation projects of the fourth generation, the main entrance for all those interested in the fifth generation.

- The course will take you to the advanced level of the fourth generation Optimization course.

- The course, required basic knowledge of the second generation/preferably the third generation.

.With each its own PowerPoint section, a complete reference to the basics of fourth-generation technology.

###The course is for Arabic speakers only.

What you will learn

  • LTE Network Architecture
  • LTE Access Technique ( OFDM & SC-FDMA )
  • LTE Frame Structure
  • LTE Resource Management
  • Tracking Area
  • Handover
  • Paging
  • MIMO
  • Cyclic perfix
  • Control Channel
  • LTE throughput Calculation
  • LTE Voice options
  • interview Question
  • LTE Frequency planning
  • LTE Advanced Features
  • Carrier Aggregation


  • 2G GSM / 2.5G GPRS / 2.7G EDGE
  • 3G UMTS "preferred"
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  • 9 hours 2 minutes
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