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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Fundamentals for Beginners

Learn How to Use Key GCP Services From the Ground Up Through Hands-On Demos and Detailed Use Cases!

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Created by Janakiram MSV, offered on Udemy

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Are you brand new to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? Do you need to learn the basics of key GCP services? If so, this course is for you!

Hi, I am Janakiram MSV, a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect and also a Google Developer Expert for Cloud and IoT technologies. With 10+ years' experience working on Cloud Computing at Microsoft and Amazon Web Services, I can ensure you that this course is the perfect resource to jumpstart your GCP journey.

GCP is one of the fastest-growing cloud platforms in the industry. This course aims to provide a thorough overview of GCP. From the core building blocks such as Compute, Storage, and Networking to the advanced services, this course introduces the key concepts and then shows you how to start being productive. Each section includes a hands-on demo of one of the key services. You will also learn the use cases and scenarios for some of the most significant services of Google Cloud.

This course is carefully designed to help beginners get started with GCP. Topics covered include:

  • The Big Picture of GCP

  • Essential building blocks

    • Compute

    • Storage

    • Network

    • Identity Management

  • Additional Services

    • Databases

    • Data and Analytics

    • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    • DevOps and Developer Tools

  • Enterprise Services

Join me in this course if you're ready to dive into GCP. You won't be disappointed!

What you will learn

  • Take the first step in your GCP readiness journey
  • Explore GCP building blocks
  • Understand the key GCP services
  • Learn how to use GCP compute, storage, and networking services
  • Identify the value proposition of key GCP services
  • Choose the right GCP service for your use case and business scenario
  • Apply the concepts of identity & access management to secure GCP projects


  • An active GCP account
  • Basic understanding of the OS concepts
  • Appreciation of concepts such as Virtualization, REST APIs, and NoSQL databases
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  • 4 hours 8 minutes
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