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Practical Philosophy

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Created by Tomas Lagunavicius, offered on Udemy

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How to live in a postmodern society? Practice (in Greek praxis – action, activity) means activity, a consciously active life. Aristotle divided sciences accordingly into the theoretical (seeks knowledge for its own sake), the practical (concerns conduct and goodness in action), and the productive (aims at the creation of beautiful or useful objects). Practical sciences were subdivided into phronesis (practical wisdom, reasoning), oikonomia (household management), and politics (politics closely related to ethics) which more precisely describe activities as public (social) (Halder, 2005). How to put postmodern thinking into practice? What does a practical philosophy mean? Halder (2005) describes the practical philosophy as a group of disciplines of philosophy that study human activity (practice), its normative definitions, and institutional phenomena (ethics, social philosophy, etc.). Since practice includes poiesis (making, creative production), it also covers disciplines which analyze the creation of sensory (visual) works and instruments that are important for life: art philosophy (aesthetics), poetics, philosophy of technology, and so forth. In this program, I will try to answer the question “How to become a postmodernist?”. Therefore, a 100-step program was created (further talk can be taken seriously or ironically).

What are these steps? Let’s start.......

What you will learn

  • Practical philosophy
  • How to become a post-modernist
  • Post-modern theory
  • Post-moder practice


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There are most likely better courses available for this topic.