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The Complete Hypnotherapy Masterclass

Overcome Fear and Anxiety through Self Hypnosis

3 / 5.0
10 students2 hours 59 minutes

Created by Christina Juppe, offered on Udemy

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  • Self Hypnosis Techniques that can be used for any life situation where anxiety and fear block you from moving forward

  • The powerful but simple technique that will put anyone into self hypnosis within minutes - guaranteed!

  • Clear to follow and easily digestible content that takes all the mystery and guesswork out of hypnosis

  • With Three hours of content and around 25 Lessons this course has an ideal length for all abilities

  • An External Resources Page designed to cement your results

  • Perfect for the complete beginner

  • Valuable insights for anyone already experienced and willing to approach this course with a beginner's mind

  • Detailed Guidance on how to write a powerful script with the potential to transform your life

  • Inspiring suggestions and pointers for you to combine with your creativity and unique life vision

  • Results Tracker to follow your progress and keep on improving

  • Tips to extend your self hypnosis success into any life area you wish to work on

What follows are some individual experiences after hypnosis:

"The actual experience was very enlightening and helpful and I can honestly say my obstacles in my brain have now been removed.

"I was beginning to feel so unwell from lack of sleep. I have tried listening to meditation tapes , music, used sleep sprays amongst other concoctions! Well after a few weeks of listening to my sleep recording I was actually SLEEPING yaaaaaaaaay unbelievable! How amazing is it to actually sleep!"

"I started to see results within my business, with a little help in changing my mindset and being in the correct energy to attract new clients"

"Now I am very confident to be able to solve and clarify anything. I found new courage to conquer  things that seemed to be difficult. The energy I gain every week is incredible and when my body needs rest it clearly tells me."

There are still a lot of myths and misunderstandings out there when it comes to (self) hypnosis.

This hands-on course cuts through the noise and gives clear signals on how to use self hypnosis to remove anxiety and fear.

Your family history or genetics have nothing to do with what your life looks like right now. Your openness and willingness to become confident, joyful, happy and successful is ALL that matters.

Everything taught has been tried and tested by the course creator. By learning how to give your mind clear  instructions on how you want  your life to look like you change your life. Self Hypnosis is science-based and proven to achieve results. Every successful person uses the principles inside this course. You can learn self hypnosis too. Easily. be one of them.

Improve your life in an amazing way....Enrol now at an amazing price!

I believe in you.

I see you on the inside. Christina

What you will learn

  • ACQUIRE the ONE KEY SKILL that can lead you away from any fears or doubts!
  • CREATE the successful life you always wanted and deserve.
  • STOP putting up with anxiety or fear when they threaten to overwhelm you - with this course you can DO something about it!
  • DISCOVER how self hypnosis gives you the power to change how you think and therefore how you live.
  • A HANDS-ON course teaching you self hypnosis that works - regardless of your age, circumstances or background.
  • START getting to know yourself and even BECOMING YOUR OWN BEST FRIEND with practical and insightful exercises.
  • LEARN how to ELIMINATE NEGATIVE SELF-TALK and take control of your mind - and therefore your life!
  • LEARN how to produce a POWERFUL SCRIPT for your self hypnosis sessions.
  • FIND out how to INTEGRATE self hypnosis sessions into your life for maximum effect.
  • TURN your mind into your faithful ally, turn fear and anxiety into RELAXED and ROCK-SOLID CONFIDENCE.


  • A computer, tablet or phone with access to the internet.
  • Readiness to look at fear and anxiety within yourself, being open and honest with yourself.
  • Strong desire to make positive changes in your life.
  • Commitment to follow the assignments and processes given and taught in the course.
  • Willingness to listen to a hypnotic recording once a day.
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  • Price: $94.99
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 2 hours 59 minutes
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bestcourses score: 2.4/10

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