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Body Image Foundations

How to Heal Your Relationship to Your Body

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Created by Stacy Jones, offered on Udemy

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This is a self-led course for those who want to feel more at peace in their body and ditch diet culture. You will learn how to transform your relationship to your body and practice self-compassion while being empowered with foundational knowledge on the drivers of negative body image - and how to unlearn them!

In this course you will work on: reconnecting with your body, building body trust, practicing self compassion and awareness, connecting to why feeling better in your body matters to you, identifying limiting beliefs, uncovering new empowering beliefs, and learning a new way to view & relate to health.

Here is what you get: access to 20 plus in-depth lessons and any updates, powerful journal prompts and worksheets to help you implement what you learn, resource list with inclusive clothing options, book recommendations, and more, and access to a library of bonus modules diving deep on specific topics like stress, self-care, and more to come!

Topics that are covered: Body Image and Body Neutrality, Influences on Body Image, Body Respect and Trust, Diet Culture, Health at Every Size, Body Mass Index, The Starvation Experiment, Body Messages and Your Body Story, Feelings and Body Image, Intuitive Eating, Joyful Movement, Intentional Movement, Food Addiction and more!

What you will learn

  • Understand the influences on body image.
  • Understand your current relationship with your body and how you want it to be.
  • Actionable steps to heal your relationship with your body.
  • How to practice self-compassion.
  • Learn a new way to view and relate to health.


  • No prior knowledge or experience needed, all are welcome!
  • Open to the idea that you can have a peaceful and loving relationship with your body
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