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Public Speaking 101

Tips and essential techniques to improve your public speaking today.

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Created by Sam Cole, offered on Udemy

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Hello and welcome to my course on PUBLIC SPEAKING 101!

Do you find Public speaking a challenge? For many people including myself some years ago, the thought of delivering a speech or presentation in front of an audience was a literally terrifying. The associated feelings of anxiety, worry, stress and crippling fear was almost too much to bare. Thankfully I started training as an actor not only to conquer my fears of performing in front of an audience but also because I had a passion for playing characters. As a result I learnt how to overcome my anxieties of performing in front of an audience and even better how to enjoy public speaking! Now I also teach and coach others on public speaking and acting and I want to share my experience, tips and techniques learnt from my own years of experience.

This course is a straight forward easy to understand class for everybody. Designed to assist you with improving your public speaking today. IN THE COURSE WE WILL :

  • Explore the fundamentals of how to deilver speech to an audience.

  • How to keep your audience engaged

  • Explore the power of internal intention for public speaking

  • How to feel and maintain confidence

  • Explore body posture

  • Go through a daily body posture exercises

  • Look at tone of voice and how we can use tone to our advantage

  • Study the importance of gestures

  • Work on projection

  • How we can use imagination to make sure our presentation is successful


A can do attitude and an open mind.

I'm so excited to share this course with you, on something that I'm so passionate about and I look forward to reading your intention checklist sheets!

What you will learn

  • Improve confidence
  • Gain skills to improve public speaking and engage an audience
  • Learn techniques to improve posture
  • Learn techniques to improve vocal tone


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  • Language: English
  • 32 minutes
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There are most likely better courses available for this topic.