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Improve your self-esteem

Identify and work on your low self-esteem behaviors

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5 students2 hours 47 minutes

Created by Iqra Saeed, offered on Udemy

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The course has 9 sections. It also has worksheets to help you identify the problems in yourself and your life, so that you solve these problems on time, to save your emotional and mental health, to be able to live in a sound mental health and to be able to deal with negativity around without being negative.

Section 1:

How to stay in the middle and give the best treatment to others while also getting the same back

Section 2:

How to maintain a level of dignity and respect in all your interactions by analyzing how human brain works

Section 3:

Categorizing your interactions into two and learning how to master good communications in both categories differently which ends up boosting your self esteem

Section 4:

Increasing your impact and value

Balance between emotion and logic, leading to emotional intelligence

Section 5:

Learning proper modes of communication in all your interactions that lead to problem solving instead of enlarging the problems

Turning a mountain into a mole hill by eliminating emotions, and operating wisely

Section 6:

Anger management

Handling both negative and positive criticism and using that for growth and clarity

Section 7:

Getting rid of perfection trap and showing up on stage to present your ideas while being comfortable with failures along the way

Section 8:

Learning how powerful self belief can be if you practice it

If world doesn’t believe in you, how believing in yourself can make the world believe in you

Section 9:

How building your vision can be a solution to all your problems related to low self esteem in terms of your skills and in terms of your relationships.

How to feel independently happy in your own company while also being a cheerful welcoming place for others.

What you will learn

  • Remaining kind and humble without being a people pleaser
  • Getting rid of low self worth, feeling less valued and appreciated
  • Becoming emotionally independent and happy on your own
  • Mastering healthy interactions in all your relationships. Providing high quality behavior and getting the same back.
  • Anger management, patience, self control and emotional intelligence leading to lasting and positive interactions
  • Learning to value and respect your needs and the needs of others related to you
  • Getting rid of perfection trap that hinders your action in terms of your ideas.
  • Developing self belief needed to work on your vision
  • Becoming a person of high class value, getting busy and attractive as a byproduct


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  • 2 hours 47 minutes
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There are most likely better courses available for this topic.