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Embody Your Masculine (electric) Energy

This course will help you understand, activate and integrate your masculine (electric energy) in the most simple way!

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11 students1 hours 35 minutes

Created by Alex Buta, offered on Udemy

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We know that duality is the fundamental principle of our Universe. Masculine-Feminine, Light-Dark, Cold-Hot, and so on. In order to live happy lives and be connected with our power and potential, we have to integrate both of these polarities within us.

When we do, we become balanced, powerful, peaceful, loving and ultimately connected with the entire Creation and our guidance system.

In this video course, we will focus only on the masculine aspect, or the electric aspect of duality within ourselves and in the world. We will learn what it actually is, how to activate it, purify it and ultimately embody our masculine energy!

This course is structured as follows:

  1. Introduction and Explanation

  2. The masculine (electric) energy outside of human world

  3. The masculine (electric) energy inside the human world

  4. The phases of integration of the masculine (electric) energy

  5. Examples of the masculine (electric) energy in the Fifth Dimension

  6. How to integrate and harmonize the masculine (electric) energy

  7. Guided meditation to purify and integrate your masculine lineage

NOTE: If you are interested in the feminine aspect of duality (magnetic) then check my main page for the Feminine course. Masculine and Feminine combined together is resulting electromagnetism, which is at the core of every cell of our being. The Sacred Union within!

What you will learn

  • What is the masculine energy
  • Understand the masculine energy both in the universe and in our human world
  • Integrate and harmonize the healthy masculine within you
  • Identify the phases of integration of your masculine energy
  • Simple and effective tools and practices to integrate and activate your masculine energy
  • Purify your masculine lineage and rise in your masculine power


  • You will learn everything you need to know about this topic
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  • Language: English
  • 1 hours 35 minutes
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bestcourses score: 4.9/10

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