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UK Dr/Nurse skill Diploma-ABG,ACLS,BLS,X ray, ECG


4.65 / 5.0
139 students7 hours 47 minutes

Created by Prof. Dr N. Kumar, MD, PhD, MSc, MCSE, ECES, FACC, FESC, FRCP-Edin, offered on Udemy

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Just the PLAB exam is never sufficient but a doctor must have different courses on their CV. That's why there are detailed lectures with practical examples about ABG, ACLS, BLS, X ray, ECG. The nurses are also expected learn and be proficient with such skills rather than just having a degree.

There is already separate module for ECG having more than 10 lectures, if you want to study in detail about same.

The course planning and execution has taken time for months and years of the technical team and the faculties at Heartbeatsz academy. To do a simple Master review course, the chief faculty had to spend few thousand $ and of course travelling expenses were extra. We aim to share the knowledge in compact way at very affordable price to be able to help our students save money. If you will notice, our faculty are highly qualified across the best academic centers but price wise we have tried to keep more money in your pocket rather than someone else. Moreover, our courses have highest hours of quality video content compared to others surely (please check and compare).

What you will learn

  • Chest X ray
  • Arterial blood gas examination
  • ABG
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation
  • ACLS
  • BLS
  • PALS
  • ECG


  • skills for UK aspirants
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  • Price: $94.99
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 7 hours 47 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.4/10

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