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How to Calculate Earned Value for Your Project the Easy Way

Successful Project Managers Report Project Performance Using Earned Value Management. This Course Will Teach You How!

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Created by Jeb Riordan, offered on Udemy

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Astound your project steering team when you include Earned Value Analysis into your project status reports

Earned Value Management and Analysis is a process for monitoring and reporting the true health of a project

By combining the planned scope, schedule and cost with the actual work complete you can assess project performance, estimate the cost at completion and a probable completion date based on current project performance

Learn How to Introduce Earned Value Metrics Into Your Project Today

  • Identify negative trends before thy become a problem
  • Estimate the true project cost at completion
  • Measure the efficiency of your project teams
  • Gain the respect of your Stakeholders by knowing the true progress of your project
  • Learn and Master the Process of Measuring and Reporting the Real Health of Your Project Using Earned Value Management

Earned Value Management was developed by the US Department of Defence way back in the 1990’s. However the real benefits of using the technique were not fully realised. Maybe because the DoD contractors considered it just another requirement that needed to be fulfilled.

Nowadays most US Government contractors, DoD, Dept Energy, NASA, etc, include EVM as standard in their project communications

Earned Value Analysis can be complex or relatively simple depending on who you ask.

By following the practical steps outlined in this course you will be able to introduce EVA into your project and extract the real meaningful metrics that will allow you to keep your project on track and maybe ahead of the game.

The course content is based on short videos; with some multiple choice quizzes to keep you awake.

There is also a downloadable excel worksheet that you can use to record your project's progress and calculate the key EVM metrics.

What This Course is NOT:

This course does not teach you short-term memory techniques to enable you to answer multiple-choice questions

The course content is not influenced by the outcome of examination exit polls and previous examination questions

Although the course content is relevant to any certification examination it is not designed to prepare you to take a certification exam

I’ve been there, done that!

Plenty PMP Prep courses available on Udemy if that is your want…

What this course IS:

This course is designed for practical project managers, project team members and stakeholders who want a solid, repeatable solution to their project controlling and status reporting needs

By the end of this course you will become a valued member of your project team by demonstrating your knowledge of Earned Value Management and Analysis by introducing EVM into your projects

Well done!

What you will learn

  • Apply earned value management process and report the real health of your projects
  • Identify projects at risk of going off-track in good time for corrective actions to be implemented
  • Astound your project steering team with detailed analysis of the performance of your projects


  • No prerequisites although experience of working in a project team would be helpful
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