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Gain a working knowledge of Project Scope Management

Apply project scope management techniques BSBPMG409

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132 students3 hours 19 minutes

Created by Nic Thomas, offered on Udemy

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Projects are the way of doing business and organisations need skilled people who can manage them and operate effectively in a project environment.  As more organisations adopt Project Management as the tool for the implementation of work, these skills are becoming ever so in demand.

Understand and Apply Scope Management.

This program has been drawn from International Project Management Best Practice and developed to meet the requirements of the relevant unit of competence within Nationally Recognised Certificate IV in Project Management Practice in Australia.

This course is delivered in a practical real world context and whilst it is supported by theory it focusses on delivering the practical skills you can apply directly to your projects.

If you are managing projects, working in a project team or affected by projects in one way or another this course is for you.  You will gain a practical insight into scope management exploring the following:

Introduction into Scope Management:

  • Key Terminology and the importance of Scope Management
  • Factors which impact Scope
  • The Project Management Plan and other documents

How to Identify Project Scope

  • How to review an initiation document
  • How to set objectives
  • Validating the problem/opportunity
  • Tools to explore the project potential

How to Define the Project Scope

  • The importance of a clear scope
  • Developing your baseline
  • Making it measurable
  • Practical tools for scope definition

How to Navigate the Approvals Process

  • How to identify approval requirements
  • Tips for getting your project approved
  • The Business case
  • Understanding and defining hold points

How to Control the Project’s Scope

  • Understanding and minimising Scope Creep
  • Maximising value and managing the cost of change
  • Applying simple but effective change controls

How to Verify and Close-Out Scope Management

  • How to monitor Scope Performance
  • How to communicate non-conformances
  • How to Close-out and Review Scope Management

At the end of this program you will have a practical, working understanding of how to manage the scope of the Project.  By completing the activities, you will have met most of the requirements of the Nationally Recognised unit: Apply Scope Management Techniques (BSBPMG401) as part of the Certificate IV in Project Management.

The reason for developing the course

I found that the resources provided to many students undertaking studies in Project Management were lacking.  They were either;

too theoretical, which prevented students applying it to their workplaces;

not engaging, such as books or PDFs;

hard to understand: using complex language to illustrate otherwise simple concepts; or

incorrect, usually written by people without a true and practical understanding of the subject.

Online learning is difficult- I know, I am the worst online student.  As a result, I have designed this course to provide students with an additional resource to enhance their understanding of the topic.  The course is based upon strong theoretical foundations, but delivered in a practical way- so you can apply what you learn to better your projects. 

I have also tried to make the course engaging using a mix of visual and auditory delivery accompanied by tasks which you can use to test your knowledge and apply the concepts.  I have also tried to approach the subject in a casual way, which will hopefully make it a fun learning experience.

I have tried to keep the language to its simplest form, explaining industry words as I progress through the course.  This will enable you to understand the vocabulary used in Project Management, without being confused by it. 

What you will learn

  • Develop an understanding of Scope Management and requirements to manage the scope of the projects. This course also contains the required knowledge for the unit: BSBPMG409 - Apply project scope management techniques


  • No prior knowledge is required, Project Management Fundamentals is recommended
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