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Risk Management, Quality Management

Project Risk | Project Quality | Quality Tools | Risk Analysis | Project Management

4 / 5.0
234 students3 hours 38 minutes

Created by Sam Mahmud, offered on Udemy

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Risk and Quality - the two most important elements of any project, is often times overlooked or under-implemented, leaving organisations vulnerable and unprepared. In today's challenging work, no project is immune from Risk and Quality issues. Therefore, it is imperative to be aware to key Risk and Quality issues to be able to respond to project changes.

This course will provide you with the fundamental concepts necessary to understand the function of Risk and Quality and help you to:

Get Practical - Understand the concept of Risk and Quality Management

Develop New Skills - Learn how to implement Risk and Quality Management Tools and Techniques in any project

Learn from the Best - From very simple to complex explanation.

Some of the key elements of this course are:

Quality: Total Quality Management (TQM), Quality Function House (QFD), House of Quality, Ishikawa 7 Tools, Failure Mode Effect Criticality Analysis (FMECA), Cost of Quality, Prevention-Appraisal-Failure Cost (PAF) Statistical Quality Control, Statistical Process Control (Cp and Cpk), Accuracy & Precision, Taguchi Loss Function, Sig Sigma, DMAIC etc.

Risk: Risk Management, Risk Planning, Risk Identification, Qualitative Risk Analysis, Quantitative Risk Analysis, Decision Tree, Sensitivity Analysis, PERT, Tornedo Diagram, Probability Analysis, Risk Response, Risk Monitor, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

The course will benefit the learners from all walk of life, but primarily the following group will be hugely benefited

  1. Project Managers

  2. Software/Full Stack Developers

  3. Manufacturing Engineers

  4. Product Owners/Designers

  5. Business and Project Management Students

This course is inclusive of knowledge area relevant for various Project Management / Risk Management / Quality Management Certification (e.g. PRINCE 2, PMI)

Only tools and techniques that are established by Risk and Quality bodies and are widely accepted as standards across various organisations, included in this course.

Any question, please get in touch.

What you will learn

  • Elements of Quality Management
  • Elements of Risk Management
  • Quality Management Tools & Techniques
  • Risk Management Tools & Techniques


  • Basic Calculation
  • Basic Analytical Skills
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bestcourses score: 4.0/10

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