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How to Make a Fortune in Project Management

Learn How to Become One of the Top 5% of Earners in Project Management

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Created by Ronnie Galbraith, offered on Udemy

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Project Management is a regular mainstream discipline. It’s been around for years. There are many average projects, often delivered late, over budget, and with questionable quality. There are also many average project managers. Understandably, average project managers earn average earnings. Or, if they don’t it’s not long before their capabilities are measured and not long into a project, they find themselves relegated back into the general project ranks.

However, there is an elite in project management who earn considerable amounts. Why? Simple, they're good. They get the job done, on time, on budget, and to the required level of quality (every time!).

How do some manage to succeed, almost on cue, whereas others start to struggle soon after the project starts? And some get into all kinds of entanglements they simply can’t get out of? The fact is, project management is a very practical discipline. Many of the theorists miss this fact. It’s these practical habits the elite focus on all the time. It’s about spending time on those that actually make the difference (all set out in the course) versus those that sound good but actually deliver weak results.

This course is not another regurgitation of theory. It’s a "how to" which focuses on exactly what you need to do to become one of the elites. With 40-45 years of working life you need to make the most of it.

What you will learn

  • How to Become One of the Project Management Elite
  • How to Propel Yourself Into The Top 5% of Earners in Project Management
  • Learn 45 Vital Concepts Average Project Managers Never Consider
  • Get A Firm Grasp On the How To (Theory Isn't Going to Get You There)


  • A Can Do Attitude And A Desire to Succeed
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bestcourses score: 1.7/10

There are most likely better courses available for this topic.