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President Biden's American Jobs Plan & Proposed Budget

How to prepare for the federal government's 2-trillion dollar infrastructure investments. Instructed by Janelle Moore.

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Created by Zen Federal, offered on Udemy

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Zen Federal’s online consultancy services and federal education (#FEDucation) courses, instructed by long-time governance professional Janelle B. Moore, are intended to replace the stumbling blocks of traditional "inside the beltway" instruction. Instead, Zen Federal provides “FEDucational” content directly to the Departments/Agencies, practitioners, and to individuals who want to enter the CPIC/governance career field.

For Individuals: Zen Federal’s online courses provide a cost-effective pathway to fulfill the large demands for federally mandated, IT based, well-paid, junior CPIC analyst positions including governance, capital planning, and budget vacancies within the federal government or federal contracting companies. Our mobile platform options make it easy and convenient for you to get started today!

For Groups and hiring managers:  Zen Federal provides bundled course options for onboarding and continuing education. Offerings are available through an interactive, robust, and versatile mobile platform that maintains up-to-moment status on employee training progress and simplifies the training process. Ask about personalizing your bundle to your needs!

In this presentation we discuss:

  • Highlights of the Biden's Jobs Plan

  • How it will Work

  • Most Current Federal Guidance and Infrastructure Investment Instructions

  • Definitions

  • Foreseen Financial Flows and Challenges

  • Resurgence of Capital Asset Governance

  • Implications for Management Consulting & Professional Services

  • Coming Surge of CPIC Professional Vacancies for IT and Non-IT Sectors within the Federal and State Levels

  • Implications for Federal Acquisition Service Customers, Vendors and the Acquisition Workforce

  • Suggested Preparatory Steps for Those Being Impacted by this Budget Request.

Our #FEDucation model seeks to reach the American people and provide affordable access to this previously closed career field. Janelle is leveraging her 25+ year history and personal relationships with C-suite executives, Office of Management and Budget (OMB), members of Congress, Government Accountability Office (GAO), and General Services Administration (GSA), allowing her to function above the business development and capture “industry” layer. Zen Federal is solutions driven, and educationally oriented while maintaining strict vendor neutrality.

What you will learn

  • Highlights of Biden's Jobs Plan, How it will work, Current Guidance, Listing of Departments/Agencies responsible for routing the funds through the budget request process with oversight and reporting,
  • dump-down vs. trickle-down definition, foreseen challenges, Capital Asset Governance, Implications for Management Consulting & Professional Services,
  • additional learning resources, suggested preperatory next steps


  • Interest in Biden's Jobs Plan, interest in federal investment guidance, interest in learning CPIC fundamentals and Infrastructure Investment Instructions.
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