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Getting Started in IT Project Management

5 tips for getting started in IT project management

3.25 / 5.0
12 students 34 minutes

Created by Gabe Deremiens, offered on Udemy

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Welcome to Getting Started in IT Project Management

Are you new to information technology and you don’t have any formal training or skills?

Are you a graduate entering this field?

Are you already practicing in the field and just in a career transition or need more formal training?

Or are you a newcomer to Canada and are seeking specific Canadian IT experience?

All of this can be achieved in this course as I have intentionally designed it to stimulate your thinking, motivate you while providing you with helpful tips, tools and links.

Of course we will cover process too!

In this course you will learn the following about IT project management.

This mini course outlines 5 tips for getting started in IT project management, and it consists of a combination of slides with short audio recordings.

There is 1 tip per slide, and each slide addresses one element of the proprietary BRAIN process, which was designed and developed by Deremiens IT Consulting Inc. in 2016.

This course is designed to be watched in about 20 minutes or less.

If you are in the IT field and just feel stuck this course will help you get unstuck. If you are in the field and want tips on how to take your IT career to the next level, this course is right for you as well.

In this course I will teach you about the importance of blueprinting. Why planning is so important to getting the job done. These tips will make sure you plan accordingly and stay on task with each project you are taking on and managing.

We will go over how to research and what a project manager does. In this section we break down all the different avenues that you can take to make sure you are learning all the latest info about IT Project Management.

How to be honest with yourself and how to self-assess. This will help with answering the question if this is the right career for you.

We will also go over interviewing and networking. This will help you get to that next level and land a paying job in the IT Project Manager career field.

We will end with a simple venn diagram that will help you figure out your purpose.

Take this course to jump start you in the right direct. This is a short course that has no fluff, you can be done with it in one sitting and you will feel like taking the next step after taking this course.

See you on the inside!

What you will learn

  • the importance of blueprinting
  • Why planning is so important
  • how to research and what a project manager does
  • how to self-assess
  • interviewing
  • and networking


  • Interest in IT (Information Technology)
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