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Agile Project Management in 30 Minutes

A Crash Course in Using Agile Techniques to Get Work Done

4.48 / 5.0
9120 students 32 minutes

Created by Crystal Richards, offered on Udemy

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Are you an accidental project manager who has found yourself taking on project management roles without formal training? Perhaps you want to learn ways to better manage your time and deliver what was promised. You may have even heard about this methodology called Agile that is all the rave. Yet, you're tired of endless research on the Internet for answers to your questions on what Agile is all about. Seems like everyone has an opinion.

In this course, I will provide the clear cut definition of Agile and provide you with tips and hacks that you can apply and practice right away in your organization. This course is meant to empower you to grow your project management skills and have a little fun along the way!

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Implement and apply Agile PM techniques to your work immediately

  • Identify when it’s appropriate to apply Agile

  • Effectively communicate and engage with stakeholders to make sure you’re meeting their needs

  • Deliver results that add value to the org

  • Integrate changes so projects reflect the stakeholders’ needs

Agile has been trending in the project management space as a more preferred way to completing projects. This popular methodology incorporates a specific set of tools and techniques that allow for a lot more flexibility and agility on your projects.

In this interactive course, participants will have access to a fillable PDF participant resource guide with activities and reflection questions. In addition, a short assignment is incorporated into the course to help you think through the value of Agile in your project work.

Sure, there are a TON of courses on Agile that you can watch. How many of them provide a plain and simple explanation of Agile in a way that allows you to immediately understand and put it into practice? If you are still searching, look no further as I have put together a to-the-point course that uses minimal jargon and makes the content relatable to YOU.

Enroll today to enhance your Agile project management know-how and better deliver your projects to meet the needs of your customers—internally and externally.

See you in the course!

What you will learn

  • Define agile and list the benefits of this popular project management methodology
  • Identify the key elements of agile while incorporating a case study
  • Review how to present the idea of implementing agile to your boss and your team
  • Explain the appropriateness of using agile methodologies in your projects
  • Evaluate your own agility and determine how you will use agile methodologies for your future projects


  • A basic understanding of task management, foundational principles of starting a project and delivering results. Some exposure to Agile would be helpful but not required to still get the full benefits of this course.
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  • Language: English
  • 32 minutes
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