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Time Defying Skin: A Natural Approach to Aging Beautifully

Youthful Skin from the Inside: Use nutrition to look young for your age, feel vibrant, and live longer!

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Created by Jenny Yelle, MS, offered on Udemy

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A Nutritional Approach to Youthful Skin and Aging Gracefully

Today’s modern culture values having a youthful appearance, and billions of dollars are spent every year on anti-aging therapies.  We are certainly concerned with living longer and living better. 

But, ironically, we live in an environment that is not conducive to good health.  The standard American diet, which is lacking in nutrients and plentiful in toxins, causes many chronic diseases and actually accelerates the aging process. The stressful pace of modern life also contributes to premature aging. 

Your skin is a window into how healthy you are and how well you are aging on the inside.  

This course discusses the causes of aging that you have control over.  The keys to youthful skin and feeling healthy may not be found in expensive serums or a plastic surgeon's office after all.  A nourishing diet and healthy lifestyle practices are the natural solution.

After taking this course, you will have an understanding of the importance of the topics below. They all impact how well your skin ages over time:

  • Understanding the processes by which our bodies and skin age
  • Adopting a nutrient-dense, whole-food diet
  • Incorporating antioxidant-rich foods into everyday life
  • Maintaining proper hydration
  • Eliminating or reducing foods that cause inflammation
  • Improving your digestive health
  • Maintaining blood sugar balance
  • Avoiding excessive sun exposure
  • Eliminating or reducing toxins in your foods and environment
  • Employing various stress relief techniques
  • and much, much more!!

You will also receive several nutritional guides, articles, recipes, and two e-books. 

I hope you will take this course and enjoy the subsequent health and beauty benefits!  I wrote my master's thesis on this specific topic, and it is my pleasure to share the information with you.  -Jenny

What you will learn

  • Identify the basic theories of why our bodies age.
  • Understand how the health of your whole body is reflected outwardly in the features of your skin.
  • Describe the various features of aged skin and understand the health ramifications (beyond the cosmetic).
  • Recognize the foods that will rob your health and cause accelerated aging of your skin.
  • Identify the healthy foods and nutrients that can forestall the aging process.
  • Pinpoint the lifestyle habits that contribute to accelerated skin aging and recognize the healthier alternatives.


  • A willingness to implement a nutritious whole-food diet.
  • The desire to learn new habits and holistic lifestyle practices.
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