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Fermenting skills - indian kraut, pickling, gf kimchi

Learn to make homemade and healthy indian kraut, pickles and gf kimchi

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Created by Firoza Osman, offered on Udemy

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Can you imagine that 15 minutes of chopping will give you a lifelong solution to transforming your health?

FACT: fermented foods are good for your health.

The fermentation process creates probiotics, good bacteria which promote a healthy gut.

Healthy gut = healthy you!

Let’s talk bacteria.

1) Our gut has both good and bad bacteria which WILDLY outnumber our cells. Our gut is home to about 2-4 pounds of bacteria. A healthy gut has about 80% good to 20% bad bacteria which it can keep in check.

2) We need these good bacteria to:

· aid digestion and detoxification

· absorb nutrients

· synthesise vitamins K and B

· regulate hormones such as serotonin, a feel good hormone

· protect and repair the intestinal lining

· promote immunity (80% of our immune system is in our gut).

However, our modern lifestyles and diets are creating an imbalance where the bad bacteria outnumber the good bacteria in our gut which is the start of health issues.

Stress, infections, antibiotics, environmental toxins and a poor diet all contribute to this imbalance which can lead to a “leaky gut”. Holes are created due to damage to the intestinal lining which allows toxins, bacteria and microbes to enter the bloodstream and cause inflammation. If you have a leaky gut, you have food sensitivities and inflammation.

Fermented foods help to address that imbalance by feeding our gut with good bacteria which improves our gut health. They also help to heal and seal a leaky gut which will reduce inflammation.

I reduced my food sensitivities from 29 to 16 so far which indicates that my leaky gut is healing, being helped by fermented foods.

Isn’t it amazing how much power there is at the end of your fork!

How about adding fermented vegetables to that fork?

How about learning to ferment with keen fermentalist Firoza. After reading the book by fermentation guru Sandor Katz I became obsessed with fermenting and took over 8 courses on fermentation (in-class and online) and became a keen fermenter.

I’m passionate about eating healthy and have taught a nutrition module for 16 years (UK), completed a course on eating the Chinese Medicine way, and currently undertaking a certificate in nutrition (UK) and a raw chef qualification.

You might be thinking………

I don’t have time, it’s easier to buy it. True but it doesn’t require a lot of time. 15 minutes of chopping and it can feed you for weeks!

FACT: store bought ferments like sauerkraut or kimchi are expensive. I’ve seen a jar of kimchi cost over $10. You could have several jars made for that price saving you money.

You need fancy equipment……no you don’t!

Sauerkraut doesn’t really excite me…..well, homemade tastes SO MUCH BETTER than store bought and you will discover favourite combinations – I suggest many!.

I can learn how to ferment by watching online videos for free…yes you can

BUT there is conflicting and confusing information out there. Sterilise or not? Using starter cultures or not? 3 days or 3 months?

Don’t spend time watching video after video when I’ve made it easy for you, done the research and put together a guide and recipes for indian kraut (a spicy sauerkraut) which goes well with curries and daals, pickled veg which is a great addition to tacos and kimchi plus a yummy red cabbage and beet ferment for sandwiches, LOADS of suggestions for different combinations of vegetables to try and resources for recipes.

The idea of letting food grow bacteria and then eating it may sound a bit scary. Remember though that fermentation has been done across cultures for a very long time and it is safe.

Are you willing to commit to adding in fermented foods because you value your health?.

If all this course did was keep more colds and flus at bay….would it be worth it?

If it kickstarted learning an important life changing health benefiting skill, would it be worth it?

All this for less than the cost of a haircut or night at the movies!

IS THIS YOU NOW? You are someone who is interested in improving your gut and therefore overall health? You want to learn how to make your own ferments and save money?

THIS WILL BE YOU - Quickly, safely and confidently you are gonna be rocking a ferment!

BONUS - your overall mood will improve because our gut health is linked to our emotions. Who doesn’t want more happiness??

What you will get:

3 video demonstration making

1) making indian kraut (yummy with daals and curry)

2) pickled vegetables

3) kimchi

4) +PDF guide with instructions, recipes and loads of combinations to try

PLUS receive 3 bonuses

1) a cheat sheet on healthy eating pantry essentials

2) a guide on making bone broth. Bone broth is great for healing and sealing the gut too.

3) eBook: A beginner’s guide to gluten-free: how to cope and cook with confidence including a 3 day recipe guide

What you will learn

  • How to make Indian kraut, pickle vegetables and make gluten-free kimchi


  • None besides a passion for improving your health
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