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Introduction to Zoology

Have you been unable to identify a particular animal? This course introduces you to the discipline of zoology and explains how animals are classified in the animal kingdom. Explore animal characteristics, their behaviour and life diversity. Knowing how to interact with animals can defuse aggression and make them calm around you. Gain insight into animal behaviour, healthcare, disease and disease prevention by registering for this course today!

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Biological kingdoms are established by classifying living things into flora and fauna and zoology studies the animal kingdom. This course explores the animal kingdom and all it entails. Understanding animal characteristics and how they interact with one another and their environment can help us connect with them appropriately. Explore how animals respond and behave in their environment and interact with each other and their surroundings. Gain insight into how food energy is transferred in an ecosystem and understand the relationship between producers and primary, secondary and tertiary consumers. Because of the diversity of animals and organisms that exist, scientists have developed a classification system to reduce the complexity of identifying each species of organisms. Investigate the systematic approach of classifying organisms and the reasons behind the classifications. Study the various diseases common in animals. Discover the distinctive difference between vertebrates and invertebrate animals and understand which label they fall beneath. Research the desired traits in animals that give an edge to their survival rates, which could benefit the animal husbandry sector. Investigate these selected breeds of animals using approaches like cross-breeding and inbreeding and gain further understanding of genetics and the methods used to breed animals. Did you know that some diseases can transfer from animals to humans and vice versa? Discover some common diseases in the animal kingdom, including those transferable to human beings. Prevention is better than cure. As you move through this course, learn how to detect health issues in animals, take preventive measures and carry out animal rehabilitation to ensure maximum animal healthcare. Are you inquisitive about the animal kingdom, animal interaction, behaviour or breeding? We have designed this course especially for you. So, without further ado, enrol and start this course today!
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