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Diploma in Textile Finishing

In this free online diploma in textile finishing course, you will learn about different textile finishes. This will include wrinkle-resistant, stiff and soft finishes, waterproof and water repellent, soil release and flame retardant. You will also learn special finishes that are specific to wool and synthetic fabrics followed by a discussion on how to make textile finishing more environmentally friendly.

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This free diploma course will begin by introducing you to the purpose of the textile finishing. You will learn about the wrinkle-resistant finish, how it is applied and evaluated. You will also be able to explain the importance of crosslinking agents and why it is crucial to control formaldehyde release and its impact on people and the environment. Next, a tutorial will take you through the different types of stiff and soft finishes and where they are used in our daily life. After that, you will gain an understanding of flame-resistant and fire retardant finishing as this may save property and people's life in a moment of danger. Next, you will learn how to treat wool and synthetics fabrics as their nature is quite different from cotton. These special finishes are wool setting, mothproofing of wool, biopolishing and antistatic finish. Finally, you will learn about liquor application and waste heat recovery which are vital processes for any textile manufacturing. By the end of the course, you will have a strong understanding of the basics of the textile finishing. This course will help you discover a career in the booming textile industry or just ignite a passion to work with textiles as a hobby. This course is suitable for beginners mostly but anyone with advanced knowledge will find the information available here interesting.
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