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Networking Fundamentals: Build a solid foundation

Learn the fundamentals of networking for your IT or cybersecurity career

4.5 / 5.0
19 students1 hours 56 minutes

Created by Christophe Limpalair, offered on Udemy

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About the course:

Networking is easily one of the most commonly recommended topics to learn for anyone interested in being in an IT career, and so it's arguably one of the most important skills to build when starting out. Regardless of what job you end up choosing, having at least a foundational understanding of how data travels all around us is very beneficial.

So in this course, we're going to learn just that starting with how data travels using physical connections. But physical connections alone aren't enough to make the internet work. We also need to answers questions like: how does data know exactly where to go? Say I'm sending an email to someone - how does that email know to go to that other person's inbox, and no one else's?

Or even reading this right now. How did you receive this text and the images on this page that are stored in a different part of the world than where you're located? How does all of it transfer in seconds or even milliseconds?

These are fascinating questions that can be answered once we understand how the physical and virtual backbone of the Internet works. Once we understand how human-readable information gets transformed into a format that machines can process, and then back into a human-readable format again. Once we understand how models and standards were created to dictate a set of rules for how devices should communicate.

Once we look at all of that, and more, then we start to see how everything is interconnected and how the Internet is able to function the way it does.

Join us as we unpack the mysteries of networking and learn Networking Fundamentals that you'll be able to carry with you throughout your entire IT career!

What you will learn

  • Learn the layers of the OSI and TCP/IP models, and how they differ
  • Learn about data encapsulation and de-encapsulation
  • Learn how the physical layer moves bits around the world faster than you can blink via both wired and wifi devices
  • Learn how the data link layer uses MAC addresses and switches to move and prepare data
  • Learn about Broadcast Domains, Routing Tables, Network Masks, Network and Host IDs, Default Gateways, NATs, and more
  • Learn how reserved, public, and private IP addresses work
  • Learn how routers are able to find the best paths for data to travel in-between networks or across entirely different networks
  • Learn the key differences between TCP and UDP
  • Learn how Session Multiplexing and Ports work
  • Learn about the 5-Tuple
  • Learn how layers 5, 6, and 7 of the OSI model are critical to making applications work
  • Build a solid networking foundation from which you can build upon


  • Fluent in English
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  • 1 hours 56 minutes
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