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QuickBooks For Contractors

Everything That Any Type Of Contractor Would Need When Using QuickBooks

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Created by Mark Smolen, offered on Udemy

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Would you like to go quickly from beginner to expert for everything that contractors could need when using QuickBooks Desktop? This ground-breaking new course will give self-employed contractors and construction companies everything they need in QuickBooks Desktop. With this course, you can easily keep financial records of a company that has contracts for physical and intellectual work done over a period of time, for clients who pay as the work is done.

Self-employed contractors and their bookkeepers have unique challenges that relate to the bookkeeping and record keeping requirements. This type of company has more data to keep track of and report on than most other types of companies.

These features in QuickBooks Desktop can be used for any other type of company that needs to: Track time by job, allocate cost by job and use the percentage of completion method of progress invoicing, bill clients for job expenses and time of subcontractors.

This special and revolutionary QuickBooks Desktop video course shows each action that any contractor would need to take while servicing clients as well as tracking costs, progress and profits. You don’t need any prior knowledge of QuickBooks Desktop, Computers or Bookkeeping in order to start this course. Everything you learn is shown with a clear, step-by-step explanation that makes learning easy and fun.

This course starts with the most basics of the set up and builds slowly until you are an expert in QuickBooks Desktop regarding everything contractors could need when keeping financial records.

I have helped thousands of contractors with these helpful and easy to follow bookkeeping techniques. They are easy to understand and simple to execute. They will definitely work for you!! This QuickBooks Desktop course is guaranteed to show every possible type of transaction and situation that a construction/renovation type of company, or any tech company that bills over time-based contracts, could need to enter into QuickBooks Desktop. It has basic, step by step directions that are fool proof!!

These special but smooth ways of using QuickBooks Desktop are methods that contractors should and must use QuickBooks Desktop for their law firm. It will work with ANY version of the QuickBooks Desktop software; regardless of what year or version you have!!

There are "follow-along" files for you to download for each separate video. You could just use the same file for all videos if you want to follow the course and repeat what you see for better learning. The tpoics include:

Creating A Contractor Company File In QuickBooks Desktop

Input The Specific Chart of Accounts That A Contractor Would Need In QuickBooks

Navigate The QuickBooks Destop File

Set Up And Manage The QuickBooks Online Items List For Contractor Use

Set The QuickBooks Preferences, Settings And Options That Contractors Need

Create Estimates From Contracts, Create Invoices From Estimates

Use "Progress Invoicing", To Track The Progress Of Jobs

Create And Manage Change Orders

Record Receiving Deposits From Customers / Clients

Find Everything Input In To The QuickBooks Contractor File

Determine Profit Or Loss By Job

Bill Customers For Reimbursable Expenses

Track Workers Time

Bill Clients For Workers Timesheets And Time Slips

Record Retention Withholdings and Bill For Retention Payments

Bill Clients For Remaining Retainage Paymnet

Make A Budget By Job And See Budget V.S. Actual Transactions

Find Job Invoices By The Bills They Were Placed On

Use Expense Items And 2-Sided Items When Billing Clients

Use Billing Items From The American Institute Of Architechs

Have Options To Enter A.I.A. Billing In To QuickBooks

The most helpful part, is that you should contact me immediately to address any question, issue or concern you have about the course.

I'm right here for you if you have any questions or need support. I hope you learn well and enjoy the course!


What you will learn

  • Perform Every Related QuickBooks Task That A Contractor Company Would Need
  • Manage Estimates, Change Orders And Progress Invoicing
  • Input Job Costing Information In To Checks And Bills From Vendors
  • Reimbursable Expenses
  • Mark Checks And Bills As Billable
  • Input And Manage Time Sheets, Time Slips And Mileage Documnets
  • Calculate Salary Per Job (or by job)
  • Cost Per Item Unit For Materials Used
  • How To Bill For Retention And Record Retention Payments
  • Anyone Who Needs To Make A Budget By Job And See Budget V.S. Actual Transactions
  • How To Find Vendors Bills By Job Invoice And Find Job Invoice By Vendor's Bills
  • Use Complex Items And Description Fields For Progress Invoicing Precision
  • Use American Institute Of Architecht's Items List For Multi-Million-Dollar Contracts
  • Use A.I.A. Billing In Conjunction With QuickBooks


  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Uderstand What A Contractor Does
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