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Mastering Thinking Skills Vol 1: The 12 Fundamental Skills

How to think differently to and solve problems at multiple levels of depth

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12490 students4 hours 9 minutes

Created by Timothy Kenny, offered on Udemy

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Whether it be in your professional life, at school or even personally having a solid grasp of thinking skills will take you to the next level.

Have you ever noticed those people in their professional lives or at school who just “get it” and are able to succeed faster and at a higher level in whatever they do?

Studies have shown that 40% of the difference in people’s cognitive performance (IQ tests, etc.) comes from having access to these thinking skills

Those people have an intuitive understanding of the thinking skills outlined in this course that gives them a competitive edge.

If you’re looking to advance your career this course will give you the problems solving skills so that you can tackle tough problems whether you’re working alone or with a team.

Or maybe you’re in school and you want to structure your thinking so that you can think about problems at multiple levels of depth and engineer the right solution.

Quite simply this course will allow you to:

  • Understand the power of meta cognition so that you’re armed to the teeth with creative problem solving strategies whenever you face a new challenge

  • Apply rock-solid problem solving skills so that you can design solutions that take into account all of the most important factors and constraints

  • Enhance your creativity so that you can creatively approach problems in new ways and come up with successful solutions

  • Upgrade your learning skills so that you can get the right feedback that will keep you on course for maximum success in any area or discipline

  • Apply critical thinking skills so that you have an arsenal of approaches  that can be taken to crush any problem by thinking outside the box

  • Master decision making so that you can see all the options in front of you clearly and then make the best decision for you

  • Master motivation so that you have the emotional component locked in that will drive you to take action on what you know is right

  • Get in flow state of absolute focus so that you are solving problems that are suited to your level of expertise but challenge you to rise to the occasion and grow

  • Succeed in systems thinking so that you can handle complexity in a way that is manageable and repeatable

  • Apply the principles of knowledge management so that you better understand yourself, problems, and how your brain works

  • BONUS #1: How to capitalize on collaborative thinking skills so that you can achieve new levels of success in your career working with colleagues and in teams

  • BONUS #2: How to use cognitive modeling so that you can reverse engineer what it will take you to get from where you are to where you want to be in your career, at school or in your personal life

A lot of the high-achievers that are using these skills everyday to catapult their careers and soar to success aren’t sharing their secrets with the rest of the world.

Furthermore, many of these concepts and distinctions haven’t made their way to the mainstream so none of this stuff is taught in school growing up.

This is your crash course in understanding and applying the most groundbreaking advances in thinking skills so that you can catalyze cascading levels of success in your career, at school, and in you personal life.

Developed from the front lines of success, this course will give you the tools to chart your course there.

What you will learn

  • Use meta cognition to manage your thinking at a deeper level
  • Use problem solving skills to build a diverse problem solving toolkit that can handle anything
  • Use creativity to think outside the box to solve problems
  • Use feedback to supercharge your learning and get to your goals faster
  • Use critical thinking skills to build a whole new perspective for viewing problems
  • Use decision making skills to weigh options and find the best solution quickly
  • Motivate yourself to take action and make progress after you make decisions
  • Get into the flow and have total focus without getting distracted
  • Use systems thinking to handle complexity in a manageable and repeatable way
  • Use knowledge management to match the right solution to the right problem


  • Ready to solve problems in new and more effective ways
  • Be willing to try new problem solving strategies
  • You should be ready to 10x your results at work, school or home
  • Willing to worker smarter and not harder
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