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Sound Healing with Chenrezig Heart Mantra

Sound Healing with the 6 syllable mantra of Chenrezig

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69 students2 hours 5 minutes

Created by Nick Gent, offered on Udemy

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In this course we will look in detail at how to chant the mantra, and what it means and represents, and how we can use it and integrate it in our daily lives. You will learn 3 powerful healing visualisations and meditations to accompany the sacred six syllable mantra of Chenrezig. There are six unique practice recordings to voice the mantra with, two of which are studio recordings made specifically for this course.

This course is a unique and honest teaching of the mantra, and is a hands on direct approach to integrating the manifestations of the mantra and the ways in which we can use sacred sound as a dynamic and very powerful healing modality.

Nick a teacher and follower of the mantrayana path for over 25 years will guide you through how you can heal, open and transform your heart and life with this beautiful mantra.

We will look at the benefits of chanting it, how it can serve to open and deepen any spiritual practice no matter the level of your skills, and how it can help to support and influence positively the lives of other beings and therefore ourselves.

What you will learn

  • Learn how to chant the six syllable mantra of Chenrezig
  • Learn 3 powerful healing meditations/ visualisations you can use to accompany the mantra
  • Learn to practice along with 2 studio sessions and 4 additional live recordings of chant
  • Learn how we can use the mantra to bless other beings & the natural elements
  • Learn how to open the heart essence and increase your loving kindness to others and yourself
  • Learn how to cleanse and heal karmic patterns and sufferings
  • Learn the meaning of the syllables and what they represent


  • Open heart and mind
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  • Language: English
  • 2 hours 5 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.1/10

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