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The Fundamentals of Math : Basic mathematical operations .

Learn everything about the basics of mathematic ( always a NEW lesson every now and then ).

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526 students5 hours 44 minutes

Created by Queen Academy, offered on Udemy

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Basic Mathematical Operations

The Basic Mathematical Operations course is a detailed course about  (addition , subtraction , multiplication and division ) .

  • I will repeat the idea many many times by many way to be sure that every trick is clear.

After this course , the mathematics will be very easy and interesting .

This Mathematics course consists of,

-Many exercises with detailed descriptive answers to repeat explaining each specific rule in a new and different way.

After this course your opinion about maths will change and you will find that maths is very easy to understand and practise.

-The curriculum of this course consists of:

Section 1 :

Natural number ( Introduction ) .

Digits ( to learn what is the detailed description of the numerals and learn how to read and write numbers ) ..

Section 2 :

Addition .

Addition properties  - commutative property ( part 1 ) ,

Addition properties  - associative property ( part 2 ) .

Addition properties - identity property ( part 3 ) .

Addition practice ( exercises ) .

Addition with carrying ( part 1 ).

Addition with carrying ( part 2 )

Addition real life application.

Section 3 :

Subtraction .

Subtraction properties

Subtraction with borrowing  (part 1 ) .

Subtraction with borrowing ( part 2 ) .

How to find the missing number in addition and subtraction sentences .

Section 4:

Introduction on multiplication.

Times tables from 1 to 12.

Section 5:

Multiplication properties.

Multiplication exercises.

Multi digit multiplication.

Multiplication ( real life application).

Section 6:

Division .

Division properties.

Division exercises.

Division ( real life application).

How to find the missing number in multiplication and division sentences.


How to solve many operations in the same problem ?

How to solve a mathematical problem with many operations in it such as addition , subtraction , multiplication and division in the same problem (BADMAS).



This course addresses all learners , parents and teachers who have a potential desire to acquire easily and professionally all  basic mathematical operations starting from the beginning to the advanced level.

  • At first, you may think that math is not easy and that you can not do it , but together we will move every step till we reach the final one and then you can say '' I did it '' . When you have self confidence that you are aware and can use the mathematics rules smoothly in your study you will deal with all mathematics fields as if it is a game .  

What you will learn

  • Mathematic rules that help students be professional in all maths levels.
  • Natural numbers ( odd numbers , even numbers & prime number )
  • Knowing digits ( distinguishing between digits ).
  • How to read and write numbers in maths .
  • Mental Addition and Subtraction .
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Addition ,Subtraction , Multiplication & Division properties
  • Real life applications.
  • How to solve a problem consists of many operations.
  • Exponentiation


  • All you need to know to get started is knowing numbers and basic information about math.
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