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Number Theory (Unvisited applications in the Real World)

Number's theory (from scratch to advanced)

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8 students2 hours 21 minutes

Created by Omkareshwar Jha, offered on Udemy

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In this course we're gonna learn about Number Theory from very scratch to the level of a great expertise.

This course is beginner friendly & step by step will take you to the next level of Intuition & logic.

It is covering Number theory of academics to the real world applications. We're not just gonna learn Numbers & its nature but we're gonna develop an intuition based upon it.

The course progresses in such an easy going way that you feel very comfortable but when we dive deeper into it we will learn some amazing proofs and also visit the "Unsolved Maths" problems since ages & about a century or more. It will be appearing very simple to know problem statement but insane to prove them.

After this course you will get comfortable with numbers. Both in decision making & in overall mathematical recipie.

This course is dedicated to learn by exploration & develop a mathematical habit about numbers.

Either you like Astronomy or Astrology, Science or Arts, Money or Society understanding of numbers will play a significant role in devloping your personality.

To learn in depth just two things are require #First is Practice & #second is pondering. Well only by that you will actually realise the importance of the course "Number Theory".

"Practice & bring those things in your life"

I wish you good luck in learning & may this course will make you more Confident & Smart.

What you will learn

  • Number Theory & its applications
  • Real World Psychology of Numbers
  • Taking Better decision based upon analysis
  • Academic Number Theory
  • Probabilistic side of Numbers
  • Analysis & Experiment


  • Internet Connection
  • Motivation to Learn
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  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 2 hours 21 minutes
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bestcourses score: 4.7/10

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