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Polynomial and Quadratic equations in Algebra | Mathematics

A Course on Polynomial & Quadratic Equations for Beginners and Intermediate Level Learners with FREE PDFs & assignments.

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Created by Letstute .... Make it Easy, offered on Udemy

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Polynomial is an expression consisting of variables and coefficients with some special properties and a Quadratic expression is a polynomial with degree two.

Here is our best-selling course on Polynomial and Quadratic equations that will help you to understand various concepts and different terminologies.

The course contains several video lectures for concept explanation where each video includes some problems related to the concept and assessment tools to test our understanding of the topic.   

-What you will learn? 

In the section of Polynomial we have:   

1) Introduction to Polynomial.   

2) Types and zeros of Polynomial  

3) Relationship between zeros and coefficients of Polynomial. 

4) Graphical representation of Polynomial  

5) Division algorithm - Polynomial   

And in the section of Quadratic equations we have:   

1) Introduction to Linear Quadratic equation and the three methods to find the roots   

2) Factorization method  

3) Completing the Square method   

4) Quadratic formula method   

Apart from all this we also have assessments in PDF format.

-Who can take this course?

It can be taken by all students who have polynomials & quadratic equations as a part of their curriculum. 

It will also benefit teachers who wish to improve their teaching skills and make learning fun for their students.

-Benefits of Taking this Course:

At the end of the course, you will be thorough with the subject knowledge and will also be able to solve various problems related to the topic with the help of:

Explanatory videos ensure complete concept understanding.

Downloadable resources help in applying your knowledge to solve various problems.

Quiz video helps in testing your knowledge.

In short, it is an interesting course fulfilling all the student's needs.

So hurry up and enroll now!!

What you will learn

  • They will learn about Polynomial and its Properties, Three methods to find the roots of a Quadratic equation.


  • Basic knowledge of Algebraic Expressions are required.
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  • 1 hours 13 minutes
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bestcourses score: 6.1/10

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