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The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Algebra

Master The Fundamentals of Algebra and be ready to pass any test!

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Created by John Swokowski, offered on Udemy

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The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Algebra is a comprehensive course that covers in depth all topics typically taught in a standard Algebra course. The short and digestible lectures allow you to master and practice one concept at a time without becoming overwhelmed early on. However, you will still be challenged as the lessons are progressive and later sections require you to use multiple skills simultaneously to solve problems.  


  • 1)LEARN                  and become comfortable with the concepts of Algebra  

  • 2)BUILD                   on your knowledge and gain confidence as you advance through the course  

  • 3)TEST                     your skills with practice problems after each lesson  

  • 4)DISCOVER           that Algebra isn’t as difficult as you once thought  


We all are required to demonstrate competency in Algebra at some point in our lives. It could be for any number of reasons such as:  

  1. Passing your high school class  

  2. Scoring high on the ACT or SAT for college admissions  

  3. An aspiration for one of the thousands of careers that require mastery of Algebra  

Algebra is much more prevalent in our daily lives than you may realize. Having a strong foundation and knowledge base of these concepts is essential for a wide range of careers including Computer Science, Finance, Engineering, Architecture, Medicine and countless more. Mastering the skills of Algebra is a crucial first step that will empower you to move onto higher level math and thus will pave the way for you to achieve your career goals whatever they may be.  

Why this course?  

With over 40 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in teaching Algebra, I’ve come to realize how students learn most effectively. This course is a product of learning and working with those thousands of students along the way. Also, because of my experience, I have determined the areas where students have generally had the most difficulty with. This course carefully walks through those topics and I’m confident that you’ll be able to understand these tricky concepts in a whole new way.  

The course is made up of over 320 video lessons averaging roughly 3.5 minutes per video. There is NO TIME WASTED. You’ll learn the skills quickly and effectively. You’ll have the opportunity to complete an additional practice worksheet (with answers) for EACH of the over 320 lessons. These problems are hand made by myself and are perfectly aligned with what was taught in the corresponding lecture.  

This course will provide you all the tools you need to become an Algebra master.  

I hope to see you soon in class!


What you will learn

  • Upon completion of the course, students will have mastery of the Algebra concepts covered in any standard Algebra Course. Students will have the skills necessary to succeed on most placement test, such as the ACT, GED or any High School Equivalency Exam.


  • Students should have at least a 6th grade education and a desire to learn.
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