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How to Stretch for Martial Arts, MMA and Self Defense!

Your Ultimate Flexibility and Warm-Up Guide! (Martial Arts, MMA, Self Defense, Taekwondo, Karate and more)

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Created by Phil Pierce, offered on Udemy

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Revealed: The stretches to help you kick higher, strike faster and move with more flexibility than ever before!

You may already know how important flexibility is for boosting your physical performance in training, sparring or just staying fit, but most stretching methods are not only slow and unreliable but could actually be secretly reducing your power!

So how do you release the potential in your body and ‘teach’ your muscles to be more relaxed, unlocking full range of motion in a fraction of the time?

It takes more than just stretching, it takes the right kind of stretching. Proven methods specifically designed to quickly and safely coach your muscles to be more flexible without sacrificing power.

In How to Stretch for Martial Arts, MMA and Self Defense, you’ll discover the exact techniques used by top martial artists and sports coaches to increase long-term flexibility, warm-up without wasting energy and unlock full mobility faster than you ever thought possible!

Whether you are a martial artist, MMA fighter, self-defense fan or simply training to improve health and fitness, you can develop greater flexibility starting today.

Ready to use the secrets of flexibility training to skyrocket your performance?

Join How to Stretch for Martial Arts, MMA and Self Defense now!

What you will learn

  • Simple, effective stretches for kicking higher and faster than ever before!
  • How to increase range-of-motion for punches and effective strikes at all ranges
  • How increased flexibility can sharpen your form and deliver beautiful, powerful martial arts techniques
  • The method to banish injury risks through proven warm-ups without wasting time
  • Greater mobility for Martial Arts, MMA, Self Defense and more


  • Students should have a basic understanding of how to throw punches or kicks
  • An area or small space to stretch
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  • 1 hours 23 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.6/10

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