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Bagua Zhang Eight Trigrams Kung Fu by Grandmaster Liang YMAA

Learn the powerful and esoteric Eight Trigrams Palm Kung Fu demonstrated by Grandmasters Liang and Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming.

4.6 / 5.0
427 students2 hours 49 minutes

Created by YMAA Publication Center, offered on Udemy

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Three BAGUA courses in one by Grandmaster Liang, Shou-Yu and Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. Grandmaster Liang began his training in Kung Fu at the age of 6, and was taught the esoteric skills of the Emei Mountain sect, including Baguazhang (Eight Trigrams Palm). Famous both as an ancient internal martial art and for improving health, Bagua develops upper body flexibility, leg strength, and lighting-quick hands and feet.

Baguazhang training generates a strong flow of Qi energy to energize your muscles for increased strength. This Qi flow also nourishes your internal organs and improves health and vitality.

In addition, Bagua emphasizes circular movement, employs both defensive and offensive strategies, and trains at all three fighting ranges - short, middle, and long.

In this classic video, Course 1 contains basic training, body conditioning, Bagua Qigong, and demonstrates the famous Eight Palms sequence with martial applications.

Course 2 instructs the intermediate level Swimming Body sequence, named after the swift and agile movements of a swimming dragon, with martial applications.

Course 3 presents the unique Deer Hook Sword, which is specially designed to disarm opponents. Learn hooking, seizing, controlling and cutting techniques, and the complete sequence, with applications against the long sword.

The authors have put as much as possible into this video in order to offer a clear and comprehensive overview of the subject. Because Bagauzhang is such a vast art, this three-hour video consists mainly of demonstrations of each of the body conditioning, fundamental techniques, sequences, and applications so that the student may see the proper movement.

Program includes student demonstrations by senior disciples Ramel Rones, Sam Masich, and Chenhan Yang.

16 chapters / 2 hours 49 mins

What you will learn

  • Grandmaster Liang and Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming demonstrate basic Bagua Zhang training and forms.
  • Includes three full-length lessons about the Eight Palms form, Swimming Body form, and Deer Hook Swords
  • Also demonstrates rare body conditioning training and Bagua Qigong


  • Bagua is internal Kung Fu, so the student should be prepared for a challenging workout
  • Beginner-friendly, with details for intermediate and advanced martial artists of any style
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  • 2 hours 49 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.3/10

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