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SellStory | The Ultimate Landing Page Copywriting Course

The 9 Essential Sections Every Website Needs to Boost Sales & Leads — What they ought to say & how they should appear

4.75 / 5.0
128 students 50 minutes

Created by Meg Brennan, offered on Udemy

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Your website should be hustling for you 24/7 BUT Chances are 40% or more of your site's visitors leave within less than 15 seconds ...

Get your website working for you like a sleepless sales titan!

Here's what we know...

Web designers can build pretty websites, but even a gorgeous site can fail to drive customers to act. This is just wrong!

Learn to craft words that get your target customer to take action!

Engagement / Conversion optimization is critical, but it takes careful strategy to do it right.

There are 9 essential sections every website needs to have, and they need to each say very specific things, otherwise visitors won't:

• Understand your value

• Have enough trust in you

• Convert to a sale, signup, or subscribe

We teach you what to write, so they'll understand the value of your brand and take action!

You're guaranteed to boost sales and leads by applying the "StoryBrand Framework", which is proven by psychologists to work for ANY type of brand. See the research:

What's the lifetime value of a customer? And most importantly, how much will you continue to lose out on?


Why visitors bounce from your site

The 9 essential sections every website needs

What to write in each section, so they'll act!

The behavioural psychology behind every bit

**Follow along with the 9 short & easy lessons in the course workbook**


The Essential Sections Your Website Needs

Lesson 1: The Hero Section

Lesson 2: The P&P Magnifcation Section

Lesson 3: The S-Nest Section

Lesson 4: The Map Section

Lesson 5: The Guru Section

Lesson 6: The PO Section

Lesson 7: The Ed Section

Lesson 8: The Magnetic TCA Section

Lesson 9: The Slop Bucket Section

What you will learn

  • Sales Copywriting
  • Website Conversion Optimization
  • Website UI/UX Basic Principles
  • Effective Communication
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Persuasive Copywriting


  • Solid English Proficiency
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  • Price: $49.99
  • Platform: Udemy
  • Language: English
  • 50 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.0/10

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