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Business Neuromarketing Science

Neuromarketing techniques, Neuromarketing ethics, How to use neuromarketing, How to implement neuromarketng etc.

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Neuromarketin is a commercial marketing communication field that applies neuropsychology to market research, studying consumer sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective responses to marketing stimuli. The potential benefits to marketers include more efficient and effective marketing campaigns and strategies, fewer product and campaign failures, and ultimately the manipulation of the real needs and wants of people to suit the needs and wants of marketing interest. Understanding consumer behaviors in marketing is very important to knowing what your consumers are capable of doing and what products and services they need and how best you can use communication to let them know your brand and choose your brand instead of competitors brands. Let not all of us forget that the only thing that can change the mind of the customer is quality of a brand and the satisfaction that, the brand can bring to solve the customer problems, so in practicing neuromarketing we must make sure that our products and service can meet the test of time.

The aim of every marketer is that they want to ensure that they use neuromarketing to increase their sales but that does not come easily companies must ensure that they simplify complex products and vice versa, we must know that simple decisions work best when made with more thought while complex decisions work better when made intuitively. Product or service modification is very important in any sales context because consumers want to see changes to long existing brand, since consumers taste and preferences changes quickly companies must be creative in dealing with both loyal and potential customers

When we are using the neuromarketing techniques then marketers must use the right tool and the right technology to get the best outcome by using techniques such as eye tracking, pupilometry and facial coding etc , can all help to achieved the best results.

What you will learn

  • Powerful ways you can use neuromarketing to grow your business
  • Ways to implement neuromarketing into your marketing campaign
  • Neuromarketing techniques fro marketers
  • How marketers can utilize the neuroscience of pleasure
  • Ways neuromarketing can boost your sales
  • How neuromarketing can revolutionize the marketing industry
  • How to implement neuromarketing into your strategy
  • Criticism of neuromarketing
  • Neuromarketing ethics
  • Neuromarketing tools
  • How to use neuromarketing
  • How neuromarketing is used in politics
  • Neuromarketing and brain science: the lizard brain versus the new brain


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