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Lifecycle Marketing Theory

a framework for predictable growth

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Created by Gregory Jenkins, offered on Udemy

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We believe that you can build a business that you want, rather than one you wake up one day and unfortunately have. And we believe the key to designing that business is a clear customer journey framework that produces consistent results, and creates calm, organized, predictable growth.

There are nine total stages in the Lifecycle Marketing framework, and they're broken out into three higher level sections.

The three stages in the Collect Leads section are: Target | Attract | Capture

The next stage, Convert Clients, also has three stages: Engage | Offer | Close

And the final three stages fall under the third section, Create Fans: Deliver | Impress | Multiply

The first step is to use the framework to assess the current reality in you business - not to cast judgement one way or another, but just to take stock of what does or doesn't exist.

Once you've done that, the next thing you can do is spot any gaps the framework has revealed - and work on resolving them.

After you've established you have a complete customer journey, then you can go to work optimizing it.

And finally, once you've designed the ideal customer journey you want your customers to experience; you can comb over it with an automation lens and look for areas where automation could enhance it.

You can learn more about this concept we call Lifecycle Marketing in our flagship course.

What you will learn

  • Lifecycle Marketing
  • Journey Mapping
  • Small Business Marketing


  • Have an Existing Business
  • Have an idea for a Business
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