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Master Enhanced E-Commerce Reports (UA) in Google Analytics

Includes implementation for Shopify and Woo-Commerce. Learn how Enhanced Ecommerce works behind the scenes.

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710 students7 hours 57 minutes

Created by Rudranil Chakrabortty, offered on Udemy

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Welcome to my course on Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics. If you have one or more of the following questions in your mind, this course is for you:

  1. How do I analyze the enhanced e-commerce reports in Google Analytics?

  2. How do I use the Enhanced Ecommerce Reports wisely for my business?

  3. What are the possibilities with Enhanced Ecommerce? What type of e-commerce data can I collect?

  4. What should I know before starting an implementation project on Enhanced Ecommerce?

  5. As a Google Analytics implementation beginner, how should I get started with Enhanced e-commerce?

By the way, just because the name says e-commerce, it doesn’t mean that this course is only for e-commerce learners. Watch out the videos in the previews, to find out why.

Now, let me explain how this course is structured:

Initially, we talk about all the different reports available in Enhanced Ecommerce. We learn how the reports are structured, and how to analyze these reports. We talk about remarketing, funnels, product performance, marketing promotions, and more, of course from the enhanced e-commerce perspective, not in general.

Then, we move our focus towards the behind the scene analysis of Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics. Enhanced Ecommerce is not available out-of-the-box. It needs an implementation effort.

While most of you do need to know how different pieces of Enhanced Ecommerce fit together, understanding the software development nitty-gritty is more of a Javascript and PHP skill development in this case.

Therefore, I have created a very very simple, stripped-down version of a working Enhanced Ecommerce setup. Using this setup we learn how Enhanced Ecommerce works with Ecommerce systems in general and how Google Analytics gets to capture the data from the user actions on the website. We focus on how to collect information specific to your e-commerce business. We scan through the functioning of all the moving parts in Enhanced Ecommerce - the cart, checkout, transaction, product pages, coupons, and e-commerce systems.

Then, we learn how to set up a ready-to-use enhanced e-commerce plugin on a website

I have gone the extra mile to open up this simple Enhanced Ecommerce implementation study for your hands-on practice as well. If you want to work along with me, you are welcome.

I am Rudranil, I am a product marketer by profession. I have implemented and used Google Analytics many many times to achieve marketing objectives. In this course, I have made an attempt to structure and simplify a really complex topic i.e. Enhanced Ecommerce. I hope you gain a lot from this course. So, I will see you inside.

What you will learn

  • Learn how to analyze Enhanced E-Commerce Reports in Google Analytics - Shopping Behavior. Checkout, Products, Sales and Marketing
  • Learn how Enhanced E-Commerce works Behind the Scene with live examples for the complete E-Commerce purchase process
  • Explore how to set up Enhanced E-Commerce for any E-Commerce Business
  • Practice hands-on, the basic implementation process in Enhanced E-Commerce
  • Find out how to use plugins to set up Enhanced E-Commerce for your Website


  • Basic Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager understanding will be helpful, however, not necessary
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bestcourses score: 5.6/10

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