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Get Marketing Agency Clients On Demand

Learn a simple & easy automation system to bring you new high-ticket clients for your agency!

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18 students7 hours 43 minutes

Created by Tiye Martin, offered on Udemy

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This course covers a solid, simple outreach strategy to book you new sales calls for your marketing agency. Showing you how the system works step by step, how to apply it to get your next client within 30 days (my first time using this method I started generating calls after 1 week and closed a client by week 2), and how to completely automate the process so all you have to do is show up for the calls! This course also goes in-depth on the art and mastery of the sales call with over 5 hours of sales training content! 

I show how I generated tons of sales calls for my agency with INTERESTED prospects (no cold outreach).

These are prospects that not only WANT. your service, but are actively LOOKING for someone to provide it for them. In this course you will be learning how and where to reach out to people that actually want to hear your pitch! 

I personally used this method to book sales calls and close new clients with NO TESTIMONIALS, NO PORTFOLIO, AND NO SOCIAL PROOF.

I still use this entire method today.

If you're a beginner agency owner looking to get your first ever clients, this course is great for you!

If you're an experienced agency owner looking to create a new stream of sales calls and revenue, this course is great for you!

If you're a freelancer just looking to take on new jobs for yourself, beginner or veteran, this is great for you! 

What you will learn

  • Book high-quality agency appointments with highly interested prospects.
  • Automate your booking system to get agency appointments on autopilot


  • Be ready to learn and get new clients!
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  • Language: English
  • 7 hours 43 minutes
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