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Advanced Google Analytics 4 Implementation with Tag Manager

Learn advanced GA4 custom data collection, customization, ecommerce implementation with Google Tag Manager

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511 students15 hours 46 minutes

Created by Rudranil Chakrabortty, offered on Udemy

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This is a complete implementation and customization course on Google Analytics 4 including ecommerce data collection. With Universal Analytics ready to be sunset by 2023, this course will prepare you to handle any scale of Google Analytics 4 projects independently. The course starts with the fundamental concepts - GA4 reports, how GA4 works behind the scenes, the event data model, event parameters, user properties, and more.

We learn how Google Tag Manager is used for advanced implementation, user-id tracking, and ecommerce data collection and display in GA4. We use JavaScript extensively to handle advanced use cases. In fact, for learners who are not comfortable with JS, there are JS fundamentals chapters to get you up to speed. There is a live project, a website, that you and I will set up to implement google analytics together. There are chapters that discuss custom report creation at length including the use of Data Studio.

I am Rudranil, and I have been a marketing and analytics professional for more than a decade with many many projects under my belt. I bring to you this course with hours and hours of video content, an enormous discount, lifelong access, and a no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee. You have zero risk in subscribing to the course. I would love to see you inside the course.

Thank you.

Reviews from my Google Analytics courses on Udemy:

An amazing course by a particularly fascinating lecturer. I usually listen to courses at double speed, here I had to slow down a bit to absorb all the good that the amazing lecturer has to give. This is not the first course not the last course I will take from this lecturer, please continue to update the course, the other courses and continue to produce more content because I enjoy learning from you and benefit from it immediately.

Really an amazing course... super-detailed!! This is the place to start ... he takes from absolutely 0 to 100.


This is a very detailed Google Analytics course on Udemy, that gave a wider range of ideas from the basic to the advanced concept of Google Analytics. I highly recommend this course.

--Mujaheed Abdul Wahab

Just a little bit in, but already one of the best overviews I have found. For new folks, I wish I had found this lesson when I first started! He does a fantastic job explaining the different sections of Analytics and what key terms mean.

-- JJ Kennedy

He has in-depth knowledge of the subject, making things clear in layman language will help non-coders like me to understand the subject. Answers promptly to the questions asked. Must recommended course for anyone who want to understand GTM. No one can be a better instructor than Rudranil when it comes to Google Tag Manager.
-- Arun

What you will learn

  • Complete GA4 implementation guide for Google Analytics learners at all skill levels
  • Learn Google Analytics 4 Custom Data Collection with JavaScript and Google Tag Manager
  • Learn Enhanced Ecommerce Implementation for GA4
  • Learn Custom Report Creation in Google Analytics 4 account and Data Studio
  • Learn Google Analytics 4 Data Model, Events, Event Parameters, User Properties and more
  • Master GA4 implementation with a Live Project


  • None. Basics of JavaScript will be useful.
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  • 15 hours 46 minutes
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bestcourses score: 5.6/10

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